The song “Wait a Minute” Essay

Megan’s paper regarding the song “Wait a Minute” is an honest and well-written portrayal of the lyrics as well as the meaning surrounding them. The paper goes beyond simple terms and convenient definitions to offer a greater insight into not just the song lyrics, but the universal experience of love and life in general. This makes the paper more interesting and personal than just another classroom assignment.

Megan’s application and understanding of literary terms such as symbolism further show an ability to analyze both traditional and lyrical literary texts.

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The song “Wait a Minute” Essay
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However, I would use the term symbol or metaphor rather than analogy in reference to the “deck of cards” within the composer’s original lyrics. She also uses imagery very well in her own writing. This gift is especially appropriate when discussing a true love song that uses images, symbols, and metaphors to get a universal yet deeply personal experience such as romantic love across to the reader.

This paper also was well-organized, lacked serious terminology or grammatical errors, was spelled correctly, and used proper punctuation.

Megan also makes the lyrics and the paper appealing and includes a nice picture that really sets the scene for analyzing the song “Wait a Minute. ” My one major concern is the way the paper starts: “Love is one of the strongest emotions known to man.

” While this is true, I would have considered using something to expand that general sentence and bring the song “Wait a Minute” into the paper more quickly. Overall, Megan seemed to have a real interest and ability to properly analyze this song, the interest and time to effectively use word processing layout as well as interesting anecdotal evidence to support her claims, and definitely spent a lot of time to create a high-quality song analysis essay.

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