The Society We Live In Today Essay

The society that we are living in today enjoys many privileges. However, the privileges that we have now are definitely not something that anyone can earn easily because it requires several centuries of hard work and effort. This is a famous phrase that helps remind our nation of the sacrifice, dedication, and hard work that our brave soldiers had put in in order to preserve our rights and happiness. The phrase “freedom isn’t free” applies to our everyday lives. We are allowed to live the way we choose without being subjected to any restricted freedom.

Everything that we have now such as freedom to express our opinion, worship our own religion, arm ourselves, and live independent lives definitely remind us of everything that our founder fathers and our brave soldiers had done for us. We are able to freely desire the things that we want, choose our own path and career, and become active citizens in politic since we are entitled to the right of freedom of speech.

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The Society We Live In Today Essay
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Without their contribution and dedication to our country, we would not have everything that we have had today. There would be no Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence, president, and the government that protects people’s rights, and thus, we would be forced to follow everything that our Mother England tells us to do and live misery lives under their demands and oppression. Therefore, the hard work and sacrifice from our courageous soldiers are something that we definitely must honor and respect.

To earn freedom, it requires effort, hard work, and endurance. During the American Revolution, our nation earned their freedom at the cost of many soldiers who worked extremely hard on the battle fields and sacrificed their lives for their nation and their people. They endured great pain and hardship during the battles, hoping that one day their effort would bring a new change to their nation, so that the colonists would not have to suffer under their mother England authority and dictatorship. Pursuing our nation dream of liberty not only had a high cost on those who fought in battles, but also on families, friends, and others who were left behind to wait patiently for their love ones to return safely from the war. They underwent sufferings and troubles at home when dealing with the financial and economic crisis and news about the casualties. Our new government and free society are shaped by our founder fathers, who contributed their time and effort in writing the Declaration of Independence and convincing our people to resist England authority and arm themselves in order to fulfill their dream toward freedom, independence, and happiness. With their intelligent mind and motivation, they spent several years of hard work to shape our new protective government, who has only one duty and that is to protect our people rights of life, liberty, and happiness. If the government abuses his power or somewhat violated the people’s rights, the people have the authority to abolish him. The Bill of Rights in the Constitution also guarantees our basic rights and assures that we are not living under a dictator or a tyrant. It gives us our freedom of speech, religion, and press, the right to keep weapons to protect ourselves, and the right to have a speedy trial and to be innocent until proven guilty. All of these accomplishments made by our founder fathers have shaped our new society today. We would not be able to enjoy all the privileges and rights without their assistance and commitment to our country.

The statement “freedom isn’t free” not only reminds us to honor those who brought a new change to our nation during the American Revolution but to also respect those who fought during the Civil War, the World War I and II, and the Cold War and those who urged for equality between sexes. During the Civil War, many African Americans were willing to stand up for themselves and fight for their liberty. Many slave and free slaves, who volunteered in the 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry in the battle of Fort Wagner, cooperated with the white army and fought bravely even though they were discriminated by many white soldiers (“The 54th Massachusetts Regiment”). They too lost their lives during the battles, but their sacrifices did not go to waste since their effort and determination did help them earn their freedom in the end. Although the Emancipation of Proclamation did not really give blacks their equality, this was their first step to win liberty and thus, it was worth the fighting. They spent several years fighting racism and segregation, hoping that one day they would be allowed to work together with the white society without being judged based on their race. Because of their big sacrifice, we are now able to live in a society where we can freely enjoy our rights without being afraid of being discriminated by others based on our races. Furthermore, our leaders had also involved in many political tensions and conflicts with the Soviet Union during the Cold War in order to prevent our country from being overran by communism influence and dictatorship. Without resisting to communism influence, we would have to leave fearfully under the Soviet Union’s threat and demands. Also, all the courageous women who worked hard to earn their sex equality also brought more freedom to our nation. Every woman now has the right to vote and divorce, become an active citizen who can freely express her idea in politic, apply for the job and earn the amount of money she wants, sue her husband for violation, deny her domestic lifestyle, and do whatever she wants without being afraid if her sex is less superior. Therefore, the freedom that we are guaranteed now is not only earned by those who sacrificed their lives during the American Revolution but also by those who fought in other bloody wars and who had the ability and determination to stand up for themselves and for their country. It takes several centuries to finally win our true freedom without being subjected to any restraints based on our races and sex.

Like freedom, everything that people desire has a high cost, and thus, they are very valuable and precious. If we want to earn our degree in nursing, doctor, or pharmacist, we have to go through several years of elementary, middle, high school, and finally maybe four to six years of college. Sometimes when people struggle in school, they find it hard and want to give up right away. However, our brave soldiers, who endured more pain and hardship, fought the war until the end despite all the obstacles and cruelties they faced in their way. Also, in order to buy a car, house, electronics, and more, we have to work hard for money in order to get what we want. If we really want something, we must fight for it until the end even if we face barriers in our paths. To write an essay, it requires many steps and processes such as taking notes, brainstorming, and finally creating a first, second, and final drafts. Like creating an essay, the colonists, who pursued their liberty, had to take a long process to accomplish their goal. First, they resisted the parliament taxation without representation such as the Sugar Act, Stamp Act, Tea Act, and more by involving in several rebellions including the Boston Massacre and Tea Party (“Revolutionary War: Birth of a Nation”). They then worked together to form their first union, the Article of Confederation, and their first document, the Declaration of Independence, which explained their grievances for breaking away from Mother England (“American Revolution”). Finally, they received their independence by winning the American Revolution. To earn freedom, like everything else, requires many steps and processes. It is definitely not something easy that we all can earn for free.

The celebration of Independence Day and the image of colorful fireworks will remind us of the American Revolution and the dedication and sacrifice of the people who bravely stood up for our nation. It reminds us of all of the privileges that we enjoy today were given by those courageous soldiers who lost their lives in the battle fields. They worked hard in order to pursue our country dream toward liberty and independence, so that we could live a life of happiness instead of slavery. Without their support, we would be living under the authority of a cruel totalitarian and forced to subject to England’s restraints and limitations. There would be no opportunity and rights for us to create our own path and career and live an independent life like we do today. Therefore, the statement “freedom isn’t free” is very important because it reminds us to honor our brave leaders including those who fought in the Civil War and advocated for women rights and our founder fathers who put in a lot of effort to create a government and a society that protect the people’s rights. Thus, we should not waste all the hard work that our brave leaders had gave done for us and value all the rights that we are enjoying today.

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