The Secret Behind My Name Essay

The Secret Behind My Name The place is quiet…so peaceful…there is a dead silence all around. Then suddenly, a train of thoughts runs back through my mind… July 15, a healthy child was born. That was I, Sandy Vhir . Nice name isn’t it? But do you know where did I got my name? Hmmmm… Well, I’ll tell you the story …. After my mother gave birth on me, my father went out to buy foods for my mother, just then, when he passed by on a store where people were having fun singing a song in a karaoke, he saw his friend and was convinced to sang.

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The Secret Behind My Name Essay
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My father just picked a rolled paper with the number of the song and the song played with the title “Beautiful Sunday”. What a coincidence because it is a beautiful Sunday for the Dineros family because they have a newborn baby girl on that day on. Minutes past, my father hurriedly went back to the hospital having an idea on his mind and then he immediately told my mother to changed what they have planned to named me because there is a perfect name that I should be named to.

And that’s why they named me “Sandy” the day that I was born and as a proof of their love, they agreed to put the name “ Vhir”, taken from the name of my parents, Virgilio and Veronica, they just changed the spelling to make it more unique. And that’s it! That’s how Sandy Vhir came to be. Hope you like the story behind my name… How about you, what’s your story?

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