The Science of Mood vs Activity


The Research Paper (80 Points): ***DUE DATE: Saturday April 4***
The research paper will involve an analysis of a specific research study relevant to a topic of interest chosen by the student. Each research article used (required to have at least one empirical study) must be from a professional journal and contain a methods section. A minimum of two additional relevant sources must be included in support of your research topic.
The additional sources do not have to be from a professional journal. Textbooks, magazines, websites, and newspaper articles are acceptable. Again they do not need to be handed in but ALL sources MUST be cited! The purpose of the additional sources is for you to increase your knowledge on the topic material and allow you to fully comprehend the study/journal article you have reviewed, as well as increase the understanding of the topic area for the reader.
The research paper must be typed using Times New Roman font size 12, double-spaced and in APA format. The research paper must include a cover sheet and reference page, both in APA format and are not included in the 4-6 page requirement for the research paper. Students will be graded on their summary and understanding of the research article chosen, their understanding of the study conducted, their interpretation of the results and how this has or can impact society, their thoughts about future research on the topic area, and their understanding and utilization of the scientific method for research in psychology as discussed in chapter 2 and throughout the course. The research paper should be well organized and concise so that the communication of the ideas are clear and logical. Further information regarding the research paper will be discussed during class a few weeks prior to the due date.
*** Your final submission of your paper will include your title page (separate page), abstract (separate page), body of your paper (intro, methods, results, and conclusion/areas for future research), and your reference page (separate page). ***

When writing the paper be sure to follow the following format:

Title Page: (This will already be completed from your proposal)
o Your title page will need to include:
♣ A header with a Running Head, the title of your paper, and page numbers
♣ Centered on the paper will need to be:
• The title of your paper
• Your name
• Hudson Valley Community College
***Each page of your paper needs to have a header and page number (only the title page has a running head) ***
Abstract: (This will already be completed from your proposal)
o 150-200 words summarizing your research.
o What is the focus of your paper?
o What will be included in your review of the literature/sources you chose?
o You are introducing the reader to your topic, describing the primary research article you are reviewing and discussing the results and implications they have on the population studied.
Body of your research paper is to include:

♣ Brief review of the literature, identify the study you will be focusing on.
♣ Introducing the reader (instructor) to your topic area.
♣ Supportive sources relevant to the topic: This gives the reader background information on issues relevant to the study that is being analyzed.
♣ Discuss the researchers’ hypothesis for the study.
♣ No opinions without research!

Analysis of Primary Research Article: NO PERSONAL OPINIONS!

Methods Section:
♣ A summary of the study from the professional journal.
♣ Objective or purpose of the study. Identify the variables in the study.
♣ Identify the population being studied (provide demographic information).
♣ Identify the type of study conducted (refer to chapter 2).
♣ Identify the measures used to gather data (refer to chapter 2, ex. Specific assessments, observations, surveys, questionnaires, etc.).

Results Section:
♣ What was the outcome of the study?
♣ How does this impact the population studied?
♣ How does this impact society as a whole?
♣ Does this result confirm the researcher’s hypothesis for the study?
Conclusion/Discussion/Areas of future research:
♣ Link the primary article with other research in the field that was cited in the review of the literature.
♣ Where there any limitations or areas of improvement on the study you reviewed?
♣ What are areas of future research based on the results of the study and research you reviewed?
♣ Your opinion can be used here to discuss the implications of the research.

Reference Page: (This will already have been completed in your research proposal)
♣ Your minimum of three sources need to be properly cited in APA format
• Primary article is your empirical study
• At least two additional sources
• Can use your King Text book
♣ References need to be in alphabetical order
♣ Properly indented (hanging indent)
♣ Utilize HVCC online resources posted in the research paper powerpoint and the Writing Center in the library for assistance.

Plagiarism: DO NOT COPY ANYTHING WORD FOR WORD! If you are quoting material from the article or sources you have used you NEED to cite them appropriately. Plagiarism will be treated as a serious academic violation. Avoiding plagiarism is the responsibility of the student. Ignorance will not be accepted as an excuse. Refer to the powerpoint for the research paper or touch base with the writing center if you have any questions.

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