The role of epistemology in research

This week you are exploring the role of epistemology in research and the philosophical assumptions that provide insight into management research. You are gaining an understanding of how your own philosophical assumptions can influence your research and even the process of selecting a problem or issue to study. In this week’s assignment, you will begin to generate a broadly specified topic for the management dissertation project that you will eventually carry out. In this first week, you are required to think about some of the key parameters that may influence your choice of topic and to communicate initial ideas to the module Instructor for comment.

After receiving Instructor feedback, you will review and refine your choice of topic, and that refined outline will then function as a foundation for subsequent work to be carried out in the module.

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The role of epistemology in research
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In this week’s submission, you should address each of the following points:

1) 1) Outline the general management topic or problem that you plan to address in your dissertation.

2) Explain how your selection of the topic or problem is influenced by your epistemological perspective(s).
This assignment will support the draft of Section 1 of your Proposal. Remember to write concisely.

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