The Road To Success English Language Essay

The road to success is not straight. There is a curve called Failure, a loop called Confusion, speed bumps called Friends, red lights called Enemies, caution lights called Family. You will have flats called Jobs. But, if you have a spare called Determination, an engine called Perseverance, insurance called Faith, you will make it to a place called Success.” (Bro. Emil Andrew dela Rosa) Success is the thing that is sought by all people and it is the completion of anything intended, in other words success is finishing what you planned to do (Watson, John) , people are asking, what is the road to success? There are no direct answers to this question; because success has many different factors determine how an individual will be up for success (colin turner, 2006).

Laing Burns, Jr. said “Success often comes to those who have the aptitude to see way down the road.” (Laing Burns, Jr) In order to achieve success, there are some methods and skills to achieve success, first set your goal, second develop yourself and explore your abilities, third organize your time and self management.

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The Road To Success English Language Essay
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Everyone must have purpose for his life, so first of all a method and skill to achieve success is to setting your goal. In order to determine the goals that matter to you, and you will use in your plan, make a list of everything you wish or dream to achieve in various areas of your life thought this dream whatever small or large and type it on paper. Writing all your goals on paper at this stage will expand the horizon of your thinking, so do not try thinking and how you will achieve these goals; because thinking will reduce and limit your belief in your ability to achieve them. Also, when you write a list of your goals you will start to see new opportunities in life were not see before, and you will find yourself attracted to these opportunities. (colin turner, 2006) It’s important to plan for each goal so focus on what you really want to accomplish and the reasons why you need to accomplish them and list your goals through prioritization, also, focus on the different areas of your life and do not allow fear to stand in your way. Do not focus on your goals at the same time and try to separate them and do each one alone .first, do the most important one and then do the next. (Ashley Ann Serafin, 2009) Moreover, determine your ability to achieve your goals and ask yourself if you are able to commitment to the goals you set for yourself no matter what kind of goals? So don’t write goals and you can’t do it or you don’t have ability to do it. Sometimes you will notice that you will not achieve the goal the way that you planned. And at times you’ll find that your experience for some creative plans and the actual moment of taking some steps lead you in directions never imagined before, and are often greater and more successful than those that you put it in your plans. This is because the plans were based on the current ability and the ability change over time. (colin turner, 2006) Also, it’s important to do your best to follow your goals. Because whenever you see your goal in front of you and you feel that it negotiable to achieve and be realistic, you will persevere to achieve and move away from the postponement. Experts say that “the more you feel that your goal is real; it could increase the likelihood of success in achieving this goal.” (Abdulla, 2010)

In addition, also explore your abilities and develop yourself is one more method to achieve success. To discover your abilities, ask yourself I am strong in what? What is my strength and what are my skills? What I concentrate upon? How do I increase my abilities? Furthermore, you must read and learn and develop yourself always and never. Learn about yourself and your abilities and learn from life. Also, applied what you learned, so you will not bring new information only if you applied the old, and also you cannot be treated yourself, unless you learn from your attitude. (Kazem Ameli) Moreover, you should identify your weaknesses. Usually, no one really wants to admit weakness points but, you can’t escape from your weaknesses; you must fight it. However, weaknesses too can be strengths if put correctly and your weakness should come out as a problem which is almost solved not a critical and hopeless trait that cannot be helped. (Identify your Strengths and Weaknesses – purpose of the knowing the weaknesses are not to induce misery or frustration, but it opens the door for a great deal of awareness and improvement. So, don’t shy away from weaknesses. Instead, look at things objectively, recognize and admit weaknesses and make conscious decisions on what to do about them. (Ben Yoskovitz, 2007) Besides, the more self confidence you have, the more likely it is you’ll succeed .So, you should have Self-confidence. Although many of the factors affecting self confidence are outside your control, there are a number of things you can do to build self confidence like focus on contribution, work out, speak up, compliment other people and sit in the front row and many other ways. (Erin. Editor, Pick The Brain) Accepting advice is not always easy. There is Proverb says, “Listen to advice and accept correction, then in the end you will be wise.” (Frédérick Jézégou, 2010) So, think about the advice that giving to you, Say thank you; someone has taken time to share their thoughts with you and if it’s good advice, go and start implementing it. Moreover, you must learn from your mistakes, and recognize that you fall in it. And you should have the courage to admit it to yourself and others and must accept that mistake and not blame yourself when you fall in line. Also, challenge those obstacles that stand before you and keep away from your negative thoughts. If you fall, Arise, then try again and do not remain where you fell, and not duplicate the wrong. (Girls of Wisdom, 2010) No success comes without perseverance. Successful are not better or smarter or stronger from others, but they had their perseverance and their determination distinctive. (Abdullah Bin Bakhit, 2006) Persistence is the quality of never giving up when you face challenges, of holding on to your dream, of refusing to be discouraged no matter what the odds, no matter what happens. Therefore, you should be Persistent and ambitious as you want. (Royane Real, 2005) Renewal and creativity go hand in hand, which are essential to every person, like the daily routine boring absorbs the energy and enthusiasm of the person; therefore, you have to renew your life, you will find that successful are keen to develop yourself through several ways, and are keen to develop your methods to achieve what you want. (Abdullah Al Muhairi, 2006)

Another method and skill to achieve success is organizing your time and self management. It is mean ways by which one had to make the most of his time in achieving its objectives and create a balance in his life between obligations and desires and goals. Therefore, we must develop a plan to become a time management easy and accessible. You should familiarize yourself with the comparison between the priorities, because the opportunities and obligations may at the same time brings, which one would you choose? In short, choose what it deems useful to you in your future at the same time is not harmful to others. (Eugene Jrisman & Jeffrey Mayer, 2008) Furthermore, you can use of your leisure time by many ways such as reading magazine articles or some books, review your list of goals, break out your notebook and start develop list of ideas for what you want to do, get prepped for your next task and certainly do not forget to take some time for yourself to relax and make yourself ready to work again. (Leo Babauta, 2010) Also, focus and do not confuse your mind in more than one direction, if you take this advice and applied it, you’ll find a lot of time to do other things more important and urgent. (Eugene Jrisman & Jeffrey Mayer, 2008) Moreover, manage your time, by draw up a daily schedule, where you should write the things you plan doing that particular day. Try to pick realistic time plans for those things and live an extra error margin, just not too big. (Mike , 2010 ) Also, draw up a weekly schedule, and put the necessary targets first, as self-development objectives through courses or reading, or family goals like go out to trip. Besides, use modern techniques to seize opportunities and achieve success, as well as to organize and saves your time such as the Internet, computer and other. (Eugene Jrisman & Jeffrey Mayer, 2008)

To sum up, the above discussed methods and skills that will help you to achieve success by setting goal and achieving them effectively and efficiently, and staying focused by prioritizing your main aims. Also, help you exploring your capabilities and develop yourself through reading and learning and many other ways, and help to organize your time and self management. Thus, the road to success has many difficulties and bumps, but you are able to continue it with determination and resolve. And you can be a successful individual in life by following a systematic and simple lifestyle.

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