The question of today is should Brexit really happen? Many Essay

The question of today is, should Brexit really happen? Many people would say no, and there are a lot of bias articles about why it shouldn’t rather than why it should. But, what people aren’t considering is how much good can actually come from the UK leaving the European Union.

First off, the good things that are obvious. If the UK leaves the EU, there will be an immediate cost-saving. Ultimately, the UK is contributing more money to the budget than they are receiving back.

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The question of today is should Brexit really happen? Many Essay
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For example, in 2018, the UK government paid approximately thirteen billion pounds (equivalent to about 16 billion USD) to the EU budget. As a rebate, the UK only gets about 4.2 billion pounds back. Without having to pay this “membership fee,” this money could create additional saving opportunities. Another good thing coming from Brexit is the number of jobs it will be creating for the UK, and not just in the country; but also in places like Frankfurt, Dublin, and Paris.

It can create a high number for industries like fishing; lawyers, financial brokers, and many more. Also, border security will be created, which will create more government jobs.

One thing that I will tackle that has already been mentioned is sovereignty. The UK currently has an “unsettled constitution,” because they have been under the EU for so long. With leaving the European Union, the UK will be able to take back their government and reinstate their own laws again. As of April 2018, the UK has introduced over half a dozen new pieces of legislation; which is adding to, and replacing the historical common laws.

Now, out of all the good we could find, we know that there is also the possibility of the bad. For example, the UK will be removing themselves from one of the largest single markets and customs unions in the world. This will take a toll on the country, but the UK government has intentions for alternatives for trades, regulatory, legal, and supporting technology arrangements. The government plans to have these alternatives in place and functioning by 2020. Another example that could be used is the argument with the Republic of Ireland. As of 2019, there could be an issue with crossing the border of Northern Ireland, and the Republic of Ireland, but this chance is an opportunity to create new international treaties.

Overall, the idea of Brexit is a good thing. Immediate cost savings will take place, new jobs will be created, the UK government will be able to rule their own country again; international treaties can be made, etc. etc. The list goes on with the upsides of Brexit.

Thank you for coming to my ted talk.

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