The purpose of the study is how to find a way to Essay

The purpose of the study is how to find a way to convince the teenagers who drive to drive more safely. The main keywords of this study are Teenagers, Convinced, Drive and Safely. Teenagers are people aged between 13 and 19. But in this study I am going to be talking about people who are aged 16 to 19. But according to me the definition of teenagers to me is who are kids that can be peer pressured easily in to doing something bad, Kids who act and do stupid things sometimes that they are not supposed to do.

Convinced definition is persuade someone to do something. As per this definition kids aged 16-19 can be convinced to do something very easily to do stuff they are not supposed to do. For example they can be convinced to smoke by their friends which is bad. But it can also be hard to convince kids aged 16-19 to do the right thing. Drive’s definition according to google is operate and control the direction and speed of a motor vehicle.

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The purpose of the study is how to find a way to Essay
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Which is the one of the main keypoint of this study, because the main point of this study is to convince teenagers drive safely. Which brings me to the last keyword of this study Safely. Safely means in a way that is not likely to cause or lead to harm or injury. Which is the whole point of this study to convince teen drivers to drive safely so they won’t get injured and get in accident which can harm their future. My motivation to do pursue this topic was because I can relate to it. As a teen driver myself I have also got a speeding ticket because I was being foolish. I was driving faster than the speed limit on that street, the speed limit was 25 and I was driving 35mph. I knew I was driving more than the speed limit, and i didn’t think I would get caught. But there was a camera on that street which I didn’t know about and a week later I got a speeding ticket, which my parents found about. I ended having to pay for it which was my lesson to not drive faster than the speed limit. My cousin was in a accident in which he could’ve had a life changing injury, he got into an accident in which his kneecap had broke. He had to get a surgery, it took him a long time to recover from that injury the car was also messed up. Which is why I want to do a study on this topic because my motive is to bring attention on this topic to my fellow schoolmates that drive. If the teens in highschool drive safely on the road there will be less accidents. Parents of the teens who drive wouldn’t be so stressed out of their kids having to drive alone, if they drove safely and not reckless.

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