The proceeding essay will discuss the man his faith and my personal Essay

The proceeding essay will discuss the man, his faith, and my personal likeness of R. G. LeTourneau. R. G. LeTourneau-The Man- Robert Gilmour LeTourneau (Nov. 30, 1888 ” June 1, 1969) was born in Richford, Vt. R. G. Letourneau had little interest in a formal education, and left school at the young age of fourteen. While working in Portland, Organ at the East Portland Iron Works, as a machinist, he studied mechanics from an International Correspondence School, but never finished. This is about a man that never gave up on his dreams.

Someone that people will be talking about years and years down the road. R.G LeTourneau’s story is an inspirational story, it will make us want to better ourselves. [Title Here, up to 12 Words, on One to Two Lines]Who was R.G. LeTourneauR.G LeTourneau was an inspiring Christian inventor, businessman and entrepreneur. He dropped out of school at a young age. He got his first job at an iron foundry, where he gained reputation for been good with machines.

Robert Gilmore was born in Richford Vt. on Nov. 30,1888 he was the fourth child with five brothers and three sisters, and he was described as a restless, impulsive, energetic, determined, ambitious, and a hard worker. As a boy he clashed mostly with his father. Later in life LeTourneau married Evelyn Peterson and helped raise four boys and one daughter. Mr. LeTourneau became the leading earth moving manufacturer, he lived off 10% of his income and gave 90% to spread the gospel. R.G stated once the most satisfying job he ever held was working for a wealthy rancher leveling some land that was in 1915 he was jobless and broke. With all the hurdles in his life Mr. Letourneau never gave up he put his faith in God and he knew that as long as he had God on his side, he would make it. He had a dream and he didn’t give up on that dream. He later moved to San Francisco, where he got a job at the Moore and Scott Iron Works at the personal invitation of the owner. After the earthquake and fire, work was hard to come by. He worked at the Yerba Buena Power Plant and learned welding, and became aware with the application of electricity. During this time, he worked at a lot of jobs plus wood cutter, brick layer, farm hand, miner and carpenter’s laborer, getting knowledge of the manual trades that proved respected in later life. Mr. LeTourneau tried to get in to the military but was denied because of a neck injury that he got from a car wreck. R.G Le Tourneau past away at the age of eighty in 1969 from a stroke, but his name lives on still today.Famously known forMr. LeTourneau did not earn a normal education, but he did become famously know for earthmoving machinery, which he was granted hundreds of patents for his inventions. The bulldozer, bridge spans, scrapers of all sorts, rollers, dump wagons, the electric wheel, logging equipment, portable cranes, and many others are examples of his revolutionary inventions. R. G. LeTourneau always had a positive attitude and did not quit when he faced problems. R.G. was known for being a very humble and generous man. During his career, he received more than 30 awards and honors related to engineering, manufacturing and the development of heavy equipmentLegacyHe left behind the legacy of great Christian generosity, and he also left behind the university. He and his wife founded together in 1946, and this was to help students claim their workplace for God. This helped the community because it gave job opportunities, and to help people that wanted to gain a degree and a better understanding about God. His legacy shows that if we put our belief in God that anything is possibly.FaithR. G. LeTourneau once said “The only difference between can and can’t is a little extra effort” (1967). R. G. LeTourneau- His Faith was also known to be a Christian businessman that was very generous. His life’s verse was Matthew 6:33: “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. (1967). After praying together, his pastor said, You know Brother LeTourneau, God needs businessmen as well as preachers and missionaries. LeTourneau responded, All right, if that’s what God wants me to be, I’ll try to be His businessman.ThoughtsThis book and this man were both inspiring it makes us truly believe that all things are possible. As I read his story to see what he became after dropping out of school. I can say that he never gave up on his drams. He put his trust in the lord and God showed him the way. The things he did will forever be an impact our lives. I take my hat off to him and thank him for sharing his story and the chance to go to the school that he founded. It is a blessing! As I read all these different articles about this extortionary men it made me think about Dr. Stan Coppinger article, he too faces some tough times. Both men put their trust in God. That will be something that I take away from this course. Dr. Stan stated I want to finish strong for God.(Coppinger 2015, p.24) I feel that Mr. LeTourneau finished strong for God.

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