The Pioneers of Virtual an Augmented RealityDouglas EngelbertDouglas Engelbert is considered to Essay

The Pioneers of Virtual an Augmented RealityDouglas EngelbertDouglas Engelbert is considered to be one of the founding Fathers of Augmented Reality due to his work on human computer interaction his work at the Augmentation Development centre he also created Engelberts Law which stated that the essential rate of human performance is massive.Also his work on AR eventually led to the creation of the computer mouse.Ivan Sutherland Ivan Sutherland is another person who contributed massively to the creation of Virtual an Augmented Reality as his work on computer game graphics granted him the title of the father of computer graphics.

Tom Caudell & David MizellThese two contributed quite a lot towards AR and VR as they created a very basic version of AR but you couldn’t move while using it and it was very slow and they also came up with the word Augmented Reality.The Uses of Virtual & Augmented RealityMilitary UsesThe Military have adopted the usage of VR as they use it for many reasons such as training purposes such as:Flight SimulationMedic TrainingVirtual Boot CampBattlefield SimulationVehicle SimulationIt’s Also used to treat Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as they can relive certain situations and triggers in a safe place where a professional can help themMattel Data GloveThe Data Glove also referred to as the power glove was released in 1989.

Even though it’s licensed by Nintendo and was not involved in the design or release of this add on. It was designed by Grant Goddard and Samuel Cooper Davis but was made by Mattel in the United States and PAX in Japan). Areas of use with VR and ARArchitectureVR technology has so much to offer for architects and way due to their being no barrier between the Architect and the designs. From initial design mock-ups, to project offers to many other aspects of architecture. Virtual reality possesses the capability to really show a better idea than any other format.This will allow architects to bring their creations to life as virtual and augmented reality technology progresses it will allow them to make designs exactly how they imagined.AR and VR ApplicationsPossible UsesAugmented Reality Has many practical uses that could be used in other fields such as in Medical Training such as it could be used in training procedure to help people who are new to medical studies which could allow all to be able to delve deeper into the bodies structure and investigate it on a 3D format. It could also be used for repairs in many things such as car motors to MRI machines or for Retail to compare prices for shoppers and even Classroom education to make lessons more immersive, all these show that Augmented Reality has countless applications.Education Augmented reality and Virtual reality can be applied to education in many ways such as lessons where VR can be used to immerse the children and captivate them. Another feature is for interactive features for all people in schools.HealthcareAugmented reality and Virtual reality both offer so much to the world of healthcare such as for training for students with VR through simulations or Surgeons during surgery to assist them further for example AR could be used to display a 3D model of the patient and assist with the procedure allowing them to see things normally missed or unknown such as foreign objects present in severe cases.Healthcare with the addition of AR and VR fully implemented in could help develop Healthcare technology and studies exponentially.Military Military could use AR even further through the use in planes and jets to scan for threats or help with evacuation as it can fill in missing parts of the terrain and update the pilot during flight also VR could be used for remote control of weapons allowing them to minimise extra damage.Assessment of ARPok©mon GOPok©mon GO was an immensely popular game in late 2016Due to its ability to make the very popular game of Pok©mon feel like real life, many continually played the game as it was as close to the real thing this was done through the games design which they did through by showing the Pok©mon creatures over normal reality and allowed them to catch them in the game.Even though the game was massively popular that didn’t mean it was perfect at the start there were many problems such as Latency which is the delay between the input commands such as throwing the ball to a certain area and sometimes the ball would miss the targeted area and the sensitivity of the movement during capturing the animals Obviously these problems have been eradicated or they have lessened the effect of these problems. Pok©mon go was revolutionary game for Augmented Reality as it was very popular and paved way for Augmented Reality games to gain a lot more popularity and due to its immense popularity it had a massive impact on society as it enlightened many about the ability of AR and allowed more game creators could venture further into the field of AR due to this one games popularity. Overall Virtual and Augmented Reality have various different uses in modern day life from entertainment to healthcare to impacting society with a simple AR game.HardwareProcessorA processor is basically the brains of the PC as it runs the essential elements of the PC as it is the logic circuitry that forms the commands for the PC the four basic elements of a processor are to decode, fetch, execute and write back. DisplayPeripherals also have input hardware, storage devices and output hardware. A normal PC normally includes: inputs – keyboard, mouse, webcam and other things Outputs – screen, printer, speakers, headphones.SensorsThe job of an optical sensor is to check the physical quantity of light then at that point it makes an interpretation of it into a form that is readable by an integrated measuring device. Optical Sensors are used for many things such as contact-less recognizable proof or identification, checking or the positioning of parts.Software Products For software there are two main forms of software Application software and systems software. Systems software involves many key aspects such as the programs that are dedicated to managing the computer itself, such as the operating system, DOS (disk operating systems) and file management utilities and many others.ExamplesSome examples of mobile pieces are software such as Face time or Skype (for real-time online communication)Internet browsers such as Safari, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox Characteristics and FeaturesGood software is expected meet a certain criteria by making it has 6 main quality characteristics which are:Reliability, Usability, Functionality, Portability, Maintainability, EfficiencyAugmented Reality Mark-up languageThe Augmented Reality Mark-up Language is a data standard to translate, describe and interact with augmented realityAims of the Product The Aim of this this product was for educational purposes to inform those in education and it was intended give insight into prehistoric animals better known and the product was to be used in either a school or workplace. Financial planI will use zap works to create my application which is a free online creation software. Also as it’s online it requires internet connection. For all the components of the pc it would probably cost between Ј100 – Ј200.To improve my AR application I would probably require some outside help or a professional to help me with its design which could be expensive to hire them for help maybe costing a maybe Ј25 per hour. Considering all costs it would cost a shocking Ј200-Ј500 including the internet and a PC to use but that depends on what you buy. Target AudienceMy Product is aimed for those between the ages 7 ” 14 mainly those in lower education although it is available to all ages It is made as a learning resource to try and educate the younger people so they have some insight into the prehistoric world. It’s a really simple design with a child friendly user interface and guides people with buttons and pictures as well. Quality planThe application will start at the home page and the rest will be accessible through the buttons used in zap works Nature of product The nature of the product is for educational purposes to inform those about prehistoric history Design toolsFor this I used simple word documents and zap works to create it.HardwareThe hardware used for my application is the computer and I also used my phone to test and use it but any type of AR hardware can be used. Creating and Devolving I order to create my zap works I first had to have a design for it I used previous zap works for inspiration then I designed it to have a simple format on something simple such as dinosaurs then I had to execute the design I did by using zap works and all its capabilities I had a homepage to introduce the premise of it and then on the home page TestingThen once I created it I had to test the zap work to make sure it was fully functional I did this through using it through the app and I had others use the app to see if someone from a non-bias perspective and I improved upon their feedback Once I had improved them I went through each slide and tested each part of it and there appeared to be little to no problems each button option worked perfectly at first there was no return button to a previous page but I then added oneAs every part worked and I tested it thoroughly and nothing seemed to need correction I took it that the zap work was effective and fully functional and compared to the original success criteria it is exponentially better EvaluationThrough a self-evaluation and rigorous testing I consider it to be fully functional and any problems that arose during the designing of it I quickly corrected and has fully performed how it was designed to operate and although there may have been some minor hindrances it now operates perfectly It did achieve what I imagined however next time I would use better software in hopes that I could have improved it and add ever single feature that was limited by Zap works. Possible DevelopmentsThere are endless ways that Augmented and Virtual reality could be applied to everyday life and how they could enhance basic life such as it could be vastly applied to Medical use such as in surgery and diagnosis people it could also be used in Training for anything such as combat scenarios or job training as they could use Virtual Reality to train and practice.Re-purposingWith this new product we could see a monumental change in certain aspects of products as they be made to cater to Augmented Reality and the actual AR itself could become more immersive and eventually may be able to applied to other fields of intrusts such as architecture. There are many benefits to repurposing such as in medical or military use for training or assistance and make the whole experience more realistic. It could be especially useful in education for a more immersive learning experience

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