The Origin of the World – by Gustave Courbet Essay

This painting is by Guastave Courbet who created it in 1866. The painting has a close up view of a woman lying on a bed. The painting specifically show her belly and the legs are spread. According to the painting, this is a Caucasian woman. Her breasts are developed and she has pubic hair. We can tell by her body size shows that she is a mature woman. The head and arms are covered by something and they are not part of the view.

The first thing you think of when you see this picture, is the nudity of the woman. The lying position of the woman shows eroticism. This is one of the most conspicuous themes in this painting.

The artwork has been made by oil on canvas, which made it to have a vivid image. This method of painting make sure the artist brings out exact colors and fine resolution. This method involves spraying ink drops on the painting surface.

It helps to smooth colors in transitions. After the painting is complete, it looks realistic and more touching than other types of painting. Oil canvas painting meets the standard of most museums and galleries because of its quality. This painting is just like a photograph image because of it clarity and resolution.

During Courbet’s time, nudity and eroticism was considered bad and not a public discussion. Courbet used rules of realism in his work and as such, he managed to create this painting. He wanted to communicate clearly to the audience without hiding anything. This is why he painted woman’s genitalia with a close up view. Every part is well exposed and clear. He made sure all the parts involved in eroticism are shown. This is why the painting shows the abdomen up to the thighs. The lower legs, hands and head have been left out.

Courbet rejected the styles of art academy in French. He wanted to be unique and preferred to physical reality with his inspiration. His realism on painting and artwork was used to motivate low class people in his home town. He used his realism rules to respond political problems during his time. Nudity is still prohibited in today’s world let alone in the 1800s. Courbet created a debate when he created this painting. People have debated about its purpose and impact to the society. Some believe it inspirits immorality, since others see it as creativity and straight forward.

The painting was used to express an attitude between people. It is difficult for people to hear the truth especially if it is unpleasant. This is why this painting brought argument and different opinions. People did not understand the message of the painting. During Courbet’s time, there were many political issues, which needed to be addressed. Politicians used corrupt dealings and the public had to know the truth. This is why Courbet uses a naked woman to let people know they should know the truth as it is.

Romance and sex are natural and realistic. Therefore, the society does not have to blame them. The painting shows appreciation of these two activities.There is nothing wrong with romance and sex in adults. It is only wrong when children are involved. This is why the painting portrays a mature adult woman and not an under age girl. Courbet would like people to stop pushing away this reality. People should appreciate this gift.

The main reason why this painting would bring controversy in today’s world. Is that parents would not want their children to see it. They think it is bad influence and they would judge it wrongly. The aspect of truth also applies to parents and their children. They find it embarrassing to discuss reproductive health with their children. Parents should discuss about human sexuality with their children. Human sexuality is reality and natural. Children experience physical changes in their bodies and they need their parents to explain the truth just as the painting.

The title of this painting is Origin of the World. This title and the painting have a relationship. The body parts of the woman represent the reproductive system of a female. The human generation relates by a woman giving birth to a child. The painting shows the parts involved with delivering a child. Children breast-feed for the first two years. The breast represents this part of a human’s life. When a child is being conceived, it takes a man and woman to become intimate. The portrait’s legs are apart and they suggest willingness of sexual behavior.

Romance and intimacy is characterized by love. It is one of the most important things in this world and it influences different aspects. This portrait communicates the word “love” between two people. Sexual relations are part of people who are in love. They use intimacy to express their love to each other and it empowers them to have connection. Courbet tries to tell people about the importance of love in the society. It should not be between two people but to everyone. This painting communicates many goodness and values of people. People should be keen in the message it is communicating.

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