The Negative Effects of Copyright Laws on Business Innovations

1.1 Background of the Study

…In this regard, this examines how copyright laws are applied within the European Union and highlights

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The Negative Effects of Copyright Laws on Business Innovations
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areas in which they affect businesses negatively… Can you state why this problem is important and what

the interest in this problem is for the company (and its managers).


1.2  Research Question

Its a bit bald.  Can you give the question some context please?


1.3 Research Objectives


– To research and critically evaluate the evolution of copyright and intellectual property law on

manufacturing and distribution prices within Europe,


– To critically investigate the impact of copyright and intellectual property laws on business

innovation development in the European Furniture industry through a case study of Dimensione

Direct Sales Srl.


– To determine and make recommendations for the effective development of the marketing and

business innovation practices of Dimensione Direct Sales Srl to ensure compliance with relevant

copyright and intellectual property regulations.

1.4 Problem Statement and Motivation for the Study

Why are we looking at less developed economies when previously you have stated you are looking at a

problem in Europe/ I think this will not make sense? I would rather stick to the European Union and

developed economies. I need some consideration of the assumptions and limitations in the work.

2.2  Review of Past Studies

I need more specific evaluations of the literature on the copyright law, as it applies to design since this is

what we seem to be looking at here.  In addition, I need to see what there is happening within the EU on

copyright law.  For example is there any literature on the role of the EU and the relationship that EU

copyright law has with national copyright law – if you can’t find anything, I can give it a try… let me know.

2.3  Overview of literature

You don’t really justify why you have introduced China here when you are dealing with European matter,

however I think it would be great and interesting to add China in somehow, as long as its justified.

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