The National Higher Education Fund Corporation Essay

The National Higher Education Fund Corporation ( PTPTN ) was set up to helping student pays their studies fees below the National Higher Education Fund Act 1997 ( Act 566 ) and is enforce from 1st July 1997. In 1st November 1997, PTPTN operating at Bangunan Wisma Chase Perdana, Off Jalan Semantan, Damansara Height, Kuala Lumpur. Student should knew the role of The National Higher Education Fund Corporation ( PTPTN ) loan, they should implement the obligations to return the loan corporations and how to manage it.

The role of The National Higher Education Fund Corporation (PTPTN) that students should knew is to ensure that qualified students continue their studies to a higher level is not a reason not to proceed with the financial problems of study.

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The National Higher Education Fund Corporation Essay
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But a lot of students had taken advantages with the money from PTPTN loan. PTPTN loan is so helpful for the students to ease the burden of their family who is mostly not from a well-off family. Basically, most of the applicants of the PTPTN loan come from the person who are coming from rural areas and normally their yearly earning just fine to support their basic necessities of life.

So, parents have to find another alternative to make their children’s dream come into reality especially when it is related to education. PTPTN loan is the close alternative that mostly being chosen by most of them because the giving is quite a number and it is more than enough to support the whole years study thoroughly. Thus, obviously PTPTN loan very helpful to student in order to reach the highest achievement of their life without any financial obstacle.

In addition, for most Malaysian students (including me), we are considered lucky as PTPTN provide study loan for most courses and approved universities and colleges. PTPTN is doing a very smart control to their study loans. PTPTN only bank-in the needed amount in each semester. For my case, PTPTN pay the course fees and other fees to the respective university first. Only then, the balance will go to the student’s bank account. In other way, PTPTN is helping the students to plan and monitor their finances.

No matter what, students must do their own proper financial planning throughout their study. They must plan a proper budget which includes course materials (books, special devices or tools, other references), PC & broadband, living and transportation charges and also other miscellaneous charges. With proper budgeting, PTPTN will definitely be sufficient for you to get your degree or master degree. With proper budgeting also, students not only have a piece on mind to concentrate on their studies but they might be able to prepare a special fund for the down payment of their first car as well.

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