The movie titled The Dead Poet’s Society was created by Tom Schulman Essay

The movie titled The Dead Poet’s Society was created by Tom Schulman and directed by Peter Weir was delivered in a subjective way for it shows the characters personal and different perspective, feelings and opinion that later affects its decision-making process.

The movie aims to understand in depth-analysis the adolescents life way back late 1950’s and how education encourages the students especially the teenagers to have a transition from conformity to individuality and the impact of parental pressure on academics by the parents towards their sons.

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The movie titled The Dead Poet’s Society was created by Tom Schulman Essay
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The aims were achieved for it was clearly shown in the movie how was their way of living back then, the life changing impact of Mr. Keating’s way of teaching to the boys and how the boys was under pressured by their parents dream and wants not by what they really want, which leads to unconscious life decisions like how Neil commits suicide.

Emile Durkheim (1858-1917) stated that suicide is not an individual act ; it is a social act.

It is shaped by the society or it has effects on society. It can be Altruistic suicide committed for the community, Anomic suicide cause by insufficient regulation, Egoistic suicide cause by insufficient integration, Fatalistic suicide for excess regulations. Inaugural Neil’s action is considered to be a form of fatalistic suicide because he was obligate to do something that’s against his will and due to the pervasive oppression of his father.

The movie used a formalistic and psychoanalytic critical approach and it was effectively portrayed by the characters through their actions, facial expressions and sound. The first scene of the movie is set in a dim room with candles being lit by the boys wearing their school uniform, the scene is shown briefly but if you relate it into the American culture that particular scene symbolizes many things. The candles being lit symbolizes knowledge, the dramatic ambiance of the room can relate to the boys loneliness and sadness. The flags handled by the boys with the 4 pillars of the Academy known as the tradition, honor, discipline and excellence that shows their religious and traditional way of living and the moment they chanted the pillars in unison shows the fact that Helton Academy is a very strict school. Dialogues, music and sound effects are three types that needs to be considered in the sound of a movie. There are many scenes that have at least one of the three types that helps to make the movie complete, catchy and help to keep the plot rolling.

The characters that shows different vibes and moods such as Neil Perry the talented but fearful young boy who wish to become an actor but lacks the courage and confidence to face his father. Todd Anderson who plays the role of an introvert student that lacks the capability of expressing himself to his parents and the people around him. Richard Cameron, who is eager to do anything in order to maintain his position in school. The happy-go-lucky student Charlie Dalton who does not care about his position and his parents influence in school. Mr. Gale Nolan known for being a traditionalalist headmaster of Welton Academy. Lastly, Mr. Keating the English teacher who uses unconventionalb ideas to end the teaching method of Helton academy and establish a progressive and much realistic ideas.

How the author come up with this kind of storyline, the casts and the main characters great acting skills, how it affects its viewers and made them realized the importance of living the life they wish and want and how a single person teachings can change so many lives.

The movie title. At the first part of the movie the meaning of the title “Dead Poet Society” is not really emphasize but as the scenes goes deeper and deeper you can slowly realize and understand the reason behind the title and its relevance to the whole story setting.

The opening credits. The title was clearly shown that shows on the symbolic, technical and audio codes that establish basic ideas and keypoints of the movie to the viewers.

The cinematography, although it was not quite amusing but the camera angles and camera techniques that were used to emphasize the theme, characters emotion and settings is great in such way that it helps the viewers understand the movie better.

In addition, the movie should have emphasize more why the school heads hinder Mr. Keating’s way of teaching and why the school patronize the traditional and old-fashion learning method. There should have been a deep investigation by Mr. Keating’s teaching method towards the students and if he does deserve to be kicked out as a teacher in Helton Academy.

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