The movie had its twists and Essay

The movie had its twists and turns that made me kept going. It started with a video message given by an unknown person presenting the bombs being implanted in different places of the country. Thus, alarming the authority, he was able to frighten the army. On top of that, a confidential file was mistakenly delivered to Agent Brody, and therefore, her team, was able to capture H who played a big part on the story. Little did they know, Yusuf or Steven Arthur Younger, the person behind the threat was already captured by the military administration.

There lies, the inhumane way to resolve the problem, letting the enemy to speak through inhumane way

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The movie had its twists and Essay
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– torture. Throughout the movie, Mr. Younger was being tortured, especially when H, brutally cut off his fingers, electrocuted him, and even killed his own wife in front of him.

What H did was enormously good. For me it is, for the majority of the population, H only thought of it.

He thought for the common people and the country he lives in, no matter what ways he could do, it is for the benefit of all.

“What I have to do, Agent Brody, is… unthinkable.” – H.

This line had stricken me. It was ought to pull me towards the realization that, even in life, we need to do sacrifices.

In real life situations where in the common people are at stake, it really happens where the terrorist are being abducted and being tortured in a way that could lead for the benefit of all. I truly understand why H did it to Yusuf. The fear being casted upon Yusuf during his interrogation with H, really happens in real life because it all lies in the common good for the benefit of the greater number. What if H lets his emotions interfere his decisions? There could be millions who will be dead. What if H lets his empathy or is ruled by his “values” being imprinted by Agent Brody? The bombs which were hidden would not be known and therefore could lead for more casualties. Agent Brody seems to disagree by the means of H in getting the information from Yusuf. They went against H from the first as his means definitely shows brutality and inhumane. However, for me, that was the most efficient and effective way to do such things. In order to attain the safety of all, he should use violence in order to get those. Some might disagree that Yusuf is still human, but does he think of all the consequences he would make after doing such threat and commotion? In the movie, there was no even trace of regret in face of Yusuf it was not until his kids were shown in front of him together with H. Knowing that H could kill his children brought fear to him, and thus, the team was able to get the information of whereabouts of the bombs. However, H did not believe that there were only three bombs instead, there were four. H asked Agent Brody if ever to continue the process but Agent Brody told him to stop that resulted to H freeing Yusuf but it did not went well, Yusuf killed himself.

In the midst of terrorism, what is being held upon is the safety of all and thus, government has the right to protect its constituents but also has the rights to protect the victim or the criminal. For me, what is being weighted is the number of people who would suffer.

In line with the principles we had discussed I leaned much on Utilitarianism by John Mill Stuart. It is the principle that focuses much on the benefit of the majority at the expense of an individual. However, some might say that it is unethical to let someone be sacrificed for all. From my view, we should look further beyond and what is incumbent in front of us. If I were on the spot of H, I would do the same. I would use violence in order Yusuf to speak up and tell where are the bombs are. I am rooted by the conscience that might haunt me for letting the bombs kill hundreds or thousands of people. Knowing the situation, Yusuf seemed to be no heart for the people as he has principles as well. Looking at this view, what Yusuf did is truly brave and brazen as he fears nothing. He knew that it might come to that situation where in pain is normal for him. Thus, casting fear on him and using his family against him might be effective.

On the part where in the children of Yusuf being used by H inside the room and letting Yusuf watched them, that’s the part where H could be stepping out of the line. However, if the intention of H was just only to imply fear towards Yusuf, it is indeed helpful.

The values of being humane and being just might be at stake but weighing the values with life, life is much heavier, knowing that the right to live must be the number one right to be protected and thus, lives of many rather than one make sense for me.

If torturing Yusuf is the only way to corner him and speak up, I resort to it. The lives of the innocent people are in the hand of just one man. He has principles and so do I, I may look unjust and inhumane as the bad guy but for me, I am not. In order to lessen the casualties, I may lay my hand on him. In order to save those innocent lives, I may do such things but I will never use the children of him against him just to prove something. I do still have a heart but what is needed in times of war is the mind. It is a battle of integrity and justice.

If killing one could save a thousand, I might do it.

If sacrificing one means to benefit all, I might do it. That is my principle. It is for the majority of all.

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