The movie begins when Todd’s family decided to enrolled Todd to the Essay

The movie begins when Todd’s family decided to enrolled Todd to the one most elite school were Excellence, Traditions, Honors, and Discipline is at the highest peak. Todd easily adopt his roommate circle of friends even if he always told them that he has a big shoes to fill since his sister is an achiever. The group of boys where the movie focuses get their bonds stronger when their perspectives in life change because of the inspirational teachings of their English professor, Mr Keating, whose advocacy is to let his students learn to look at things in different perspectives and encouraging them to be individuals by metamorphic ally stand in the desk and walking in the courtyard.

It really inspire his student even if they know that it contradicts the schools goal to the point that when they found out that their English Professor was once a Dead Poets Society member knowing that it is private and unsanctioned they quickly reformed the Dead Poets Society in the hidden cave were the place which they can showcase their abilities in writing and reading a poetry on the other hand Todd underestimates his talent about it and was ask to write the minutes of the meeting instead of writing a poetry every night they went to that cave even if they violent the rules of the schools.

When Neil Perry won in acting he then discover that his real passion was in the field of acting considering the fact that his father doesn’t want him to do some extracurricular because he wants Neil to be focus in academic life after knowing that he then went to Mr Keatings room to ask some advices but unfortunately the advices he asked to Mr Keating was useless for he lied about it and telling that his father agree and promising him that his academic life would not be affected. The next part of the movie was the consequence of their bad actions when Neils father know that he join the acting club, Neil Perry was scolded for what he did and Neil commits suicide. That part creates a massive impact to the boys because the school investigate on what happen as per request to the family and were asked to signed the petition against Mr Keating or else they all were expelled from the school so without a choice they signed the letter. The school then fired Mr Keating and replace Nolan as their Teacher when Mr Keating is about to leave he interrupts the class to get some personal stuffs and Todd bravely stands with a heavy heart saluting and saying “O captain my Captain!” Shouting that they were just force to sign the letter while Mr Keating was touch by the gestures responding “Thank you” and leave.

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