The Movie: A Single Man and The Stereotypes that Exist Within the Film

Watch the Movie: A Single Man. on Netflix.  Analyze the movie and isolate gender stereotypes and representational inclusions/omissions. In the first part of your essay, briefly summarize the show and the main characters, and identify the key elements you have chosen to rewrite and/or the characters you might choose to recast in order to make the program more diverse in its representational strategy and explain why you’ve made those choices. Then, rewrite a short section of the show, scripting it in as much detail as possible (~3 pages).

In your answer, you may consider gender, sexuality, race, class, and any other aspects of social location, ideally focusing on intersectional identities.  Finally, discuss how your changes impact the story being told and the message(s) about intersectional gender that are being conveyed.

Use 7 scholarly sources!!!

I have a link to the movie if you need!

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