The Market Approach to Organ Shortages 

  1. Read the case The Market Approach to Organ Shortages
  2. Draw supply and demand curves for the U.S. Organ market and compare the U.S. market to the market in a country where selling organs is legal.
  3. Respond to the following questions:

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    • What are some arguments against using the price system to allocate organs?
    • Should foreigners have the right to buy U.S. organs and U.S. citizens have the right to buy foreign organs? Explain your answer in terms of economics.
  4. Study the following Biblical verses that deal with a Biblical view of wealth: Luke 16:10-11, I Timothy 5:8, and Deuteronomy 8:18, and respond to the following prompts:
    • What is wealth according to God’s word?
    • What should an individual do with the wealth and prosperity that God has provided?
    • What are the differences between a Christian perspective and a secular perspective on wealth creation and the use of wealth?
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