The Inflation of the Filipino People Essay

“By a continuing process of inflation,government can confiscate, secretely and unobserved, an important part of the wealth of their citizens” (John Maynard Keynes) Can the philippines handle too much people? What could go wrong if we can’t handle all the people in Philippines? Why is it so traffic in edsa, rizal, taft quezon avenue? What is the reason why filipino people wanted to have a family when they cannot support their children? Why do people deforestation in land areas and why are many people doing it? When will they clean the manila bay, laguna lake and other dirty bodies of water here in Philippines? How to prevent inflation of people in Philippines? This topic is all about the population growth in the Pilippines, in the our country there are 106.

5 million people as of 2018 and by the end of 2018 the philippine population will increase by 1.8 million (Perez, 2018). Philippines is not a rich country, some of the places in manila like tondo, sta.

Cruz and sampaloc is not good looking place because there is so many trash outside in the streets. Their home is not nice, example is informal settlers they only live where ever thay want to like under the bridge,cementeries, smokey mountain, near at the railroad tracks and the place that they can only find space. most of the people that live in squatter areas are not good people, they are exposure to nature, they rob because they don’t have money to buy food, their homes are light materials scrap pieces of plastic and it means that they are poor. Back in 1900 – 1986 Manila was a beautiful place to live(except in times of world war II) but when the president change the city began to look messy,dirty, even the people that live in it changed into savage. The responsibility for slowing overpopulation has been moved from the government to the local municipalities, and as a result there is no longer a national plan for combating this problem (Nissen, 2006). The people that live in province also migrating into manila to have a better job and get a higher salary but because of the people in manila they did’nt get what they want because they were tempted to be a drug addict so that the reason why there is so many people in manila. The Philippine government needs to deal with major problem that control a threat to economic growth

We should stop the people from what they are doing wrong, the goverment should impliment the one(or two) child policy here in Philippines like in China and we should create new law to make people sustain themselves to be able to support themselves and for their family. Our country cannot create so much product because we don’t have advanced machinery for our society to help us but one way we can help in our country is by exporting our natural resources like grow crops, sell manggoes, exporting coconuts. We can’t buy advance machinery but we can borrow from other country. If the motorcylces could only lessen it can be a progress for us against the traffic that occuring everyday and change the vehicle type in transporting because jeepney is polluting chemicals to atmosphere and that’s bad. If the society could only participate in some activities like cleaning the streets everyday and organize their shelter, they could help not the people living in society but also the nature. When are we going to stand up to fight against overpopulating? I hope that the people living in this country participate in everything that could make this country better.

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