The increasingly popular Tanning salons and its Public Health Implications

The aim of the final paper is based on the topic you decided to explore, and which you have already been doing literature reviews on. The goal of these papers is to investigate and critically explore an environmental health issue/conflict/debate that showcases the political, economic, and environmental dimensions of the selected environmental health topic. You should incorporate course readings to help frame your interpretation and/or discussion, and your papers should be heavily based on the peer-reviewed articles/books/reports you found as a result of your literature review assignments. These final papers are to be roughly12 pages in length (not including your bibliography), in 12 point font, and double spaced. Here is the basic outline you should follow:

1) (1 page) Introduction; what is interesting and/or significant about this environmental health conflict.

2) (4 pages) History of the environmental health issue/conflict/dispute. What has been the involvement of different government agencies and/or advocacy groups in making the issue a “public” health debate; what are the differences and/or similarities in values and perspective between the different agencies and organizationsinvolved in the issue. This is the section where you will likely draw on your literature review assignments to flesh out research being done on the topic.

3) (4 pages) Discuss and critically evaluate the topic in relation to the perspectives/theories/ideas from course readings; how does the environmental health debate you chose speak to issues/concepts raised in the class (e.g., environmental justice, politics of science, etc.). Finally, what about your topic exposes the value of the “political ecology of health” perspective?

4) (3 pages) Conclusion. Explain what your paper aimed to accomplish and what areas of research you think are needed to highlight the “anthropological” dimensions (the human/social dimensions) of the debate in focus. In your view, what is the value of blending anthropology and environmental health sciences for your selected topic?

5) Bibliography. EVERYONE should use the citation style used in anthropology. This citation style is clearly explained in the following link:


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