The Funny Moment in My Life Essay

Environmental pollution is a big problem in modern society. It is a matter of serious concern. Pollution is the result of urbanisation and rapid industrialisation. It has been posing serious health threats. Despite growing awareness, environmental pollution has reached alarming level. It is an issue of global concern. Everyday conferences, seminars, discussions and debates are held to sort out this problem. Growing numbers of factories are adding to the problems of environmental pollution. They emit huge amount of wastes which make our water sources dirty.

They produce tones of poisonous gases day in and day out. They are major cause of water pollution. This has posed great challenge to the aquatic life. The water that we drink has become highly * polluted even after its treatment. Vehicular pollution is another major cause of environment pollution. Numbers of vehicles are rising every day. Delhi has the maximum number of vehicles in the world.

The poisonous gases coming out of these vehicles are making the environment more polluted.

Besides the blowing of horns, rumbling of factories and noises from the loudspeakers and vehicular movements are causing noise pollution as well. The pollution has been an important cause of various diseases like high blood pressure, asthma, skin problem and respiratory disorders. Migration is also major cause of pollution. Every day a large number of people are coming to towns and cities in search of jobs and employment. Towns and cities are being expanded. Forests are being cleared off. These spaces are being utilised for setting up of factories, and making buildings and houses. But there is a wide gap between demand and supply. It has led to spread of slums in cities and towns. The slums do not have basic amenities for the inmates. These people live in unhygienic conditions. They go for natural call in the open.

This contributes to the pollution problem. Environmental pollution is contributing to global warming. It has made this problem all the more complex. Government is taking efforts to contain this problem. As a measure government is gradually promoting CNG-run vehicles. They produce comparatively less pollution. In most of the states lead-free petrol is being provided. In big cities, vehicles are regularly being checked for pollution. Factories and small industries are being shifted to some remote areas. But we have failed to get desired result. As an aware citizen it is our responsibility to take step to keep environment clean. Media and NGOs have prominent role to play. They should create awareness. Only then we will be able to check this menace. The situation calls for an integrated approach.

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