The fruition of technology has transformed the civilization theatrically Life was being Essay

The fruition of technology has transformed the civilization theatrically. Life was being oppressive earlier and the daily routine chores used to spend too much of time before the initiation of present-day technology. Technology has provided massive opportunities and became a significant role in human life by involving into education, media, industry, medicine, transportation and so. Today our lives have amended expressively due to the ease and proficiency delivered by technology. There was a time where paying a bill will be requiring a whole day long process where we need to get the hardcopy of the bill and go the office and stand in the queue to pay the bill while today’s modern technology has put down a lot of burdens which was been lifted up on our shoulders.

In today century, technology has reached to the top point where every individual’s daily routines are fully engaged with technologies. We tend to do and get what we want from the place we are being with a single click.

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The fruition of technology has transformed the civilization theatrically Life was being Essay
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Multimedia is being the key source for technology to reach worldwide which has given a great impact in our daily life. Multimedia is everything and anything that you listen and watch in a form of audio, text, video, audio, photograph and many. The information content processing devices generally displayed or accessed and recoded and played. Example of information content processing devices are computerized and electronic devices. Multimedia is being used at home, schools, business, public places, and virtual world. Multimedia has been engaged and involves more with mobile nowadays and does various utilities with many. Multimedia able to stimulate in general and discussion, help to gain and hold attention, enhance the learning process, make points clearer while includes the appropriate human elements. These can be defined in terms of the sensory modalities (visual & auditory), presentation mode (words and pictures) and delivery media (computer screen & amplified speaker). The information ahead from the multimedia are known as the knowledge structure or information delivery vehicles in which these messages supports to sense making .Multimedia devices are electronic media devices used to practice and store multimedia content, record, play and display or access by information content processing devices such as electronic and computerized devices. However, it can also be a part of live performance. Multimedia also helps us to be more cooperative and integrated, more pleasing, easy to use and multi-sensorial.In my daily lives, multimedia has engaged me in many ways. First is through kiosk services machine. Kiosk is known as a small, free-standing physical structure that displays information or provides a service. Kiosks can be manned or unmanned, and unmanned kiosks can be digital or non-digital. Kiosk service is being one of the growing digital self-service technology. There are many industries coming up with these services and program them in a variety of settings and functions. Example, there are kiosk machines used for paying bills such as Telekom and Aoen Credit Services, ATM machines, photo booths, food ordering like MC Donald’s, flight check-in, movie tickets in Golden Screen Cinema and so on. Introducing this technology services has brings a lot of positive impact to the customers and industries. By having this machine in my daily life, it helps me to reduce the waiting hour and get delayed from queuing up in the counter to pay or get the information which I needed. This kiosk machine also boosts up my satisfaction as a customer when I use their services. Placing this kiosk machine in many public focused area and stations help me to reach them easily when I’m in rush with a speedy service. Otherwise, being an employee in aviation industry, I tend to meet thousands of customers in my daily routine. While having this kiosk machine in the airport, it helps to reduce the task given to me like dealing the customer with their airline check in process and proceed me to focus on other important duties. Furthermore, the flexibility of kiosks ties directly into their connectivity. Since the kiosk machines are connected to the network, it is being an advantage for me to remotes the access, fixes and control through the internet connection from the place I’m being.Second multimedia application is email. Email is the shortest form for ‘electronic mail’. An e-mail is alike to a letter. Emails are sent through the internet connection to a recipient. Today email has taken over the traditional way of sending letter in a hard copy in many places. Email is also being one of the official and confidential telecommunications. It is the information which can stored in a computer which has been exchanged between two users over telecommunications. E-mail has brought an innovative transformation in our communication structure. To access this service, we just need a mobile phone or personal computer and internet connection. Through this services, we will be able to communicate a person with our message in a second from any side of the world. The vital features in email is email can be send to bunch of people with the single same message in a single click. Many organization are using this email services as a platform to grow their interactions with their clients and customers. Email services through organization is being one of the proficiency way of communicating. Most of them are using email as their primary communication tool to communicate and update in their product and services with their suppliers, clients and customer. By having this communication tool, a lot of organization used this platform for promoting events, products, services among other. Example, we can see many of promoters in the market used to promote their product to their customer by sending them their single promotional template to thousands of people at the same time. Today’s technology has also improved the email service by tracking their emails which has been send to other receipts. This services has helped out many sender to constantly track the email and thus this being and advantage for the sender to have an awareness on his follow up. When it comes to the receiver, they receiver can reply to sender in a easiest way by the providing option like noted and received with thanks message and also forward option if they wish to send the messages to others. Another interesting facts that can be apply in this email service is emails can detect and trap spam emails. By having this features in emails, it is being easy for the user to identify the spam message by auto filter the spam message into the spam folder. In my daily lives, emails plays an important role by connecting and communicating with my other departments at work regarding the issues and duties. It is being an important communication tool in my working life where I will be informed on important updates and notification. Personally, emails helps me to be more organized. It help me to store all my contacts in one place and sort them to make more efficient and effective. Example of the program which being more useful and convenient to access the contacts for me is Microsoft Outlook. At present time, email is also being the platform where I receive most of the confidential and official letters. Example are online statement, bills, confirmation of orders and so. By having this services it is being more productive. It is also being an advantage since we can attached and receive files, photos and documents in an email which is being more convenient way to share the information. Apart from that, emails are stored electronically which allows to store and archive over for a longer periods of time. Third will be digital library. Digital libraries are based on digital technologies. Digital library is a library which stores the collections in digital formats. Digital library can be access through smartphone, tabs, laptops and computers. A digital library is not a single entity where it is connected to many collections of resources through the network. The links between digital libraries and their resources are transparent to users. Digital library collections are not limited to document surrogates. Digital library collections enclose permanent documents. The digital environment will allow a quick supervision and brief information. The statement which state that digital libraries will only cover digital materials may be wrong. This is because, digital libraries are frequently used by people who works by themself. The physical limitations of data have been excluded. The information is seek out through the supporting communication and collaboration which plays as a vital part in this. To allow the publication and store the digital information, the data storage is being compressed. Telecommunications is the ease for the storage, retrieval, use, and exchange of digital resources. Besides, digital libraries give access to various contents with a possible unlimited amount of resources and collections. Previously, the traditional libraries signified through physical space which was being the main limitation factor where an individual frequently have to go around in finding for a particular material and books to go through. Presently, the transformation of digital technology has introduce many ways and solutions using the Internet and cloud storage by accessing the digital libraries to overcome this limitation and escalating individuals prospects in learning. By having this facilities, it is being help for each individual to access a massive amount of knowledge and share the information with others which also helps to form a smoothing the growth of education. Digital libraries are easily reached whenever and wherever needed at any moment through using a simple technological device, example by using a smartphone, tablet or even a pc with an internet connection. Thus, by having this services, it will be easy for many people to access the online books, articles, journals, thesis, videos and all the other educational contents without waiting and visiting the nearby physical library. By having this digital library services, an individual is being able to access, find and look for the information they need from being in any preferred environment such as in a formal environment. Example the individual will be able to access from school, at the college, workplace or even while they are relaxing at homes. In the recent years, digital libraries have created variety of search features such as truncation, proximity operators, boolean and etc. Through this features, it helps to enable the access to information and data collections, it allows the people to execute sophisticated searches for a multiplicity queries. Introducing the grade or automatic term development by the intuitive search engine technologies has made the access more convenient. Moreover, by having this digital library even a beginner users also could be able to start using digital libraries by achieving their searches independently. The level of intricacy of these finding features increases exponentially as there is increase in the growth of digital collection which turns to be an encouraging factor. In my daily life, digital library has always been a useful application for me to do my projects, thesis, assignments and books. By accessing this service, it help me to get a detailed information and explanation on my research and finding. Being a full time employee and part time student makes me difficult to walk in the physical library and since there is a digital library, I’m being able to access services from where ever I am at any time without any distraction in a convenient way. I’m also being able receive variety of reference for a single findings which helps me to get more information and my education process more easy. Furthermore, this digital library turns to be so convenient for me since it provide the access to use the same resource by many people at the same time. I would say that digital library is the best information retrieval. This is because digital library is not only being a user friendly service yet it is also allow the user to find any search term based to the word or phrase of the entire collection. As a digital library user, I also being able to do any number of copy form the original search such as books without any degradation in quality.Forth will be multimedia application on advertising and purchasing. As we all aware, today’s technology has enable not only make us to operate our personal findings form the place we are being but also the business from the place we being. With this current technology, we are being able to sell and buy products from anywhere in the world with a minimal procedure and easy steps. All we need is the internet connection with the technology devices which we can connect with. Advertising and purchasing through this latest technology service like online shopping has create a uniqueness in building the business. This is all because of the multimedia process which helps to build the strategy of online shopping. Many business studied the method to grab the chance and opportunities that they gain from using multimedia such as uploading and sharing pictures in online websites and in online communities. Example are those pictures which has been upload in online shopping pages. When the product image is uploaded, customers tend to view and prefer to buy the product more. The visual of the product will be a key factor for a business group to gain their customer’s attention. Another factor which establishing this multimedia purchasing and advertising are sharing video in the web and social media at presence. Based on this, the business management is being able to see how many people are tuning in and interested with it. Creating and uploading videos and pictures makes the consumer to understand the product and the use of the product more. This method help to interact with customer and clients also being a reason to achieve the sale. In my daily life, this multimedia application help me to shop and buy the products that I need through online easily. By watching the videos on the product and the pictures of the products help me to get more information regarding the item which I’m going to purchase. A clear description and information regarding the item help me to understand the usage of the product. It also attract me to purchase the item by viewing the way they promote their product and comparing the products with others. Besides it is also being easy for me to get the item I want from the place I’m being rather than go and finding for it. Example of the websites which I’m being used with this access are online shopping such as lazada, shopee, amazon and so. Other view, multimedia advertising and purchasing has also simplify my life by having online payment which is e-payment and e-banking. By having this services, I could manage my time even more wisely. This service also help me to get the service with a very clear and manageable way.From my experience as an ODL learner, one multimedia technology that I would like OUM to adopt that will enhance my learning experience is teleconferencing. Involving technology which is more sophisticated by involving two or more participants in a telephone meeting rather than having a simple two-way phone connection is known as teleconference. Basically, when we talked about teleconference, it can be a videoconference or normal conference call where the individual who involve in the conference will be able to see still or motion video images of each other. Setting individuals in one or more locations while the other individuals in another part is known for a live and real-time interaction program in teleconferencing. Teleconferencing is being a very beneficial communication base in as a distance learning. By having this technology, it helps many to save their time and energy to be gather in a place. Cost reductions can also be significant. Teleconference with a number of students does certainly allows to reduce the costs as well. This service enable the students and lecture to get connect from where ever they are being. Sometimes students may miss classes due to illness or challenges related to living in remote areas. Teleconferencing provides these students a tangible chance to show up classes from being at homes, whereby they won’t left behind in class. This method also will develop the learning by letting the students virtually to attend field trips which may not have been available for them.Teleconferencing is a superior preference as it can ease the travelling time and make things easier from visiting. This technology also being and advantage for students and lectures who could be considering for a service which they required when being outside office hours, or team up with other professionals and experts without them having to be in the same classroom. Via this technology, major colleges in a rural area will be able to get connected with professional outsiders with their students for undertaking the course for a meticulous projects or assignments. Finally, video conferencing recording and archiving tools can be used for playback in order to teach or reinforce a lesson when a student missed a class due to absence or they which they need to review the content again. As a conclusion, multimedia application has not only engaged my life with so many advantage and benefits thus it does brought a huge advantage to the society worldwide. By having this multimedia application in this modernize technology world, most of us jobs and task in daily routine has been simplify.

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