The Four Seasons Assignment – The Summer Concerto

Watch the videos provided below as it corresponds with each of the sonnets. Keep in mind some stuff we’ve discussed in class while watching, like dynamics, tempo, texture, form. This will aid you in your answers. Once you’ve completed watching the performance write a 1 page reaction to your experience. (double-spaced, 12pt font) In your reaction be sure to answer the following questions:

1) Do you feel that the music accurately conveyed the emotions and scenes the sonnet represents overall? How?
2) In the 1st movement, how do you feel the music portrays the panic and anxiety surrounding the oncoming storm?
3) In the 2nd movement, how do you feel the music portrays the sadness and uncertainty of the man?
4) In the 3rd movement, how do you feel the music creates the ambience of a thunderstorm?

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The Four Seasons Assignment – The Summer Concerto
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1st Movenment:
Portrays a man out in the sweltering heat of summer tending to his crops as a thunderstorm approaches in the distance, sending his animals and himself into a fearful frenzy.
Under merciless sun languishes man and flock; the pine tree burns
The cuckoo begins to sing
Joining him are the turtledoves and gold finch
A gentle breeze blows
But Boreas joins battle suddenly with his neighbor and the Shepard weeps because overhead hangs the dreaded storm, and his destiny

Movement 2:
focuses on the internal conflict of the man as his fear settles in deeper and deeper as the worry of loosing his crops settles in.
The fear of lightning and fierce thunder robs his tired limbs of rest
As gnats and flies buzz furiously around.

Movement 3
Is a portrayal of the actual thunderstorm.
Alas, his fears well founded: there is thunder and lighting in the sky and the hail cuts down the lofty ears of corn.

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