The Fight for Freedom Essay

“How I hated slavery as it fettered me, and beat me, and baffled me in my desires.” (Parker) Captured against your will placed in jail without bars because of the color of your skin that is how African-American felt. The search for freedom which was nowhere to be seen and rights being violated, and nothing can be done. Until it is out of control and something needs to be done to break free from slavery. This is the journey of John P Parker African-American who freed his self and a lot of African-American.

The Underground Railroad and heroes like Harriet Tubman, John P. Parker were conductors who freed their self’s and they also went back and freed African-American them that were slaves. Being a slave is not a dream but torture that African Americans suffered through, but they will be free because they got stronger every time they failed This made them stronger and determined that they will be free at any cost.

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The Fight for Freedom Essay
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The 19th century was when their journey began, and they went against all the laws to be free. History goes to show African American didn’t care about the law, they followed the path to freedom and the leaders or conductors that guided them through to help them to escape slavery forever.

The African American not even one come to America buy choice it was The Slave Trade was a big thing was recognized as the Triangle Trade British sailed to Africa where they traded thing like alcohol and other thing for slaves which included men, women and kids they where brought back on big ship (Middle Passage )where they were packed in and could even move to the be sold to the southern. There were about million Africans that worked at the farmstead. They living condition were terrible they weren’t treated like people they were treat like animals. They didn’t have food to eat or proper clothes to wear and for that reason they tried to escape.

Many laws like slave code which was used to whip, intimidate and punish the slaves so they would not go against their owner. The Fugitive Slave Act were federal laws stated if a slave was found after they run away with in the United states would be returned to there owner and if anybody helped them they would have consequences. There is evidence right here to prove that African American didn’t care they wanted freedom more then anything. Slaves trying to escape happened so frequently that in Fugitive Slave Act of 1850 attached stricter guideline to the act like whoever got caught would be tortured so this would scare the other that tried to run away. The slaves about 250 continue to rebel in America until there was no more slavery this took place in 1865. This was destining to happen the slave were tired of being tortured. There comes a time when a revolution is necessary and the fight against their owner who violated all their right like freedom that was a right regardless of their skin color, but if not given has to be taken and that’s what the African American did take what is rightfully theirs.

Where there were bad people there are good people too who were fighting to end slavery right away and give them the same right as the white American to vote and live with honor. As this was happening African American

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