the farmhouse Essay

Project DetailsThe architecture proposal name is The Farmhouse, the concept proposal created by The Precht’s Studio. Chris Precht as the co-founder once said that we all lost the relation with nature and to enclose ourselves with nature, the studio comes out with the project proposal. So, we can encircle ourselves with nature even in the interior of the buildings. Studio Precht’s labored for quite a while of improvement conceptualizing the considerations and endeavor to propose a plan that diminishes the world issues.

Finally, they pull out with this design proposal.Nowadays pollutions are everywhere, and we need to accept the fact that it is hard to reduce pollution and climate change. In fact, our food is mostly polluted through air contamination and it is the food that we consume every day, it is bad for our well-being and majority of our illness such as cancer, heart disease, obesity, diarrhea comes through the un-clean environment that we breathe and the food we ate, as we do not pay so much attention to the food.

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the farmhouse Essay
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We all know that architecture and agriculture land are battling for available and fertile land, the need for growth and to be better is consuming us without even considering the life for the future and the remaining natural resources that have damaged for the development that is built for our living.In this case, we still have chances to have a healthy environment if we all care enough and working together, try a new alternative to reduce the pollution and create a better quality and quantity for our food production, that is why we need a change for our nourishment framework without harming our regular assets and the land. As an example, both Chris Precht and his wife once have a personal experiment where they must produce food by themselves in where they live, they said it taste different than the food that went through a shipment, that is how pollution changes the quality without us noticing. The food without going through a shipment is fresher and more harmless, the process is visible and secure.The studio chose to propose a modular housing where the occupier can produce their sustenance inside a building such as vertical farming or the other words, it is a farm inside a building that we live on, sure it will save many spaces for the agriculture land. The reason is that the population around the world has increase nonstop year after year which lead our land to be densely populated and it will affect the agriculture land as well. Food that grows in the urban areas will have to shorten the use of packaging and supply chain. A garden inside a tower will save more forests and allowing the agricultural to recover naturally. Also, the vertical farm produces more food per planted area than agricultural land itself. Studio Precht’s design creates an organic life cycle by the heat inside the building. So, plants like nuts and potatoes can grow easily. There are few systems that help the process, for example, water filters system, reusing rainwater and food waste as the compost for the farm, it is a new thinking of a design and it will improve the quality of our environment. Not to mention, the structure of the building will protect the food due to varying weather and provide a new ecosystem for a variety of plants. Moreover, The Farmhouse can be an education building to show the process of how to grow foods and it is visible where our foods come from. Tree as the main spotlight of the Farmhouse design because most of the materials are made of wood. In fact, for the modular system, cross-laminated timber panels are used. For instance, there are several advantages for using the panels such as, it will not bring moist into the structure, it has lower environmental footprints than concrete, cement, and steel. The panels are flat packed, so it takes less energy to constructs, easy to transport, doesn’t take too much time to install and it is designed to create a diagrid shape. Each of the frame formed by three layers, such as the finishes, the middle layers as the structure and insulation, the gardening elements and the water supply as the outside layer features of the frame. Precht created the structure that allowing the users to design their own homes. In fact, the higher blocks can set up the A-frames into stacked duplexes by their own. Furthermore, On the ground floor, there will be an open plan for the kitchen and living room, the upper floor will be the bedroom with a tent-shaped ceiling. Undoubtedly, the gardening elements can be changed due to the needs of people, such as absorb solar panels. The spaces are offering a range of strategies from kitchen and living room to bedrooms, balconies, and gardens. The system was planned so that it could go along with different units containing different systems. As well as the electricity with the solar panels to the management units for growing food. Furthermore, the food storage and market will be placed surrounding the neighborhood for the public and easy for the residents nearby to access it. Growing gardens will be regulated both privately and communally. Private as growing the garden individually or generally to grow the plants in a community. Natural light and ventilation will be provided by the inverted gap by the V-shaped between the apartments. The height of the building can be as high as possible and if it is agreed by the residences nearby. As a matter of fact, the building height will not affect the systems inside the building, it is the matter of the structure thickness. The Precht’s were motivated by their knowledge and experience the gained from living in Austria where they plant their own food. If we did not change how we produce food and stay disconnected with the ecosystem we will not solve any issues in our era and for the future generation. The research found out that food production no longer can keep up due to the high rate of population growth. It has become a serious problem that we can no longer avoid or run from it, we need to face it and reduce the climate change for the sake of our future generation and the land we live on nor to keep up our food production and the population. As a matter of fact, architecture these days is about reducing climate change, pollution and create a good quality of our food. On the other hand, technologies are around us, but it doesn’t seem to reduce our issues that we are facing right now, our food production always requires more land that we no longer have it. for the time being it is about individuals and the earth and we must think increasingly about our condition and so far as that is concerned the architecture will take nature back to the urban communities. For architects, they must create a building that will appeal to all our senses, where it will attract our eyes and where our hand wants to touch the building. Even for the attraction of the hearing senses to the building because birds and insects are part of the ecosystem. The farmhouse is a building which life and the greens are connected, where it never has done before by an architect’s studio, it is a unique design that can help us nor the living things to improve the quality of our environment. It supports food production also it saves forests and agriculture lands, creating better hygiene for our food, less polluting, does not require transport that can lower the quality of the food and a building that creates a better option for our land nor the natural resources. it is requiring the occupants to plant their very own sustenance locally so it will improve the nation salary through the fare or import frameworks. Additionally, it is successful to keep away from the misuse of vitality time and cash to create a segment of better sustenance.

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