The drawnout obscurity on the day Jesus died • Herod Agrippa’s abrupt Essay

The drawn-out obscurity on the day Jesus died

• Herod Agrippa’s abrupt passing in the wake of being hailed as a god

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The drawnout obscurity on the day Jesus died • Herod Agrippa’s abrupt Essay
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• The removal of the Jews from Rome

A Number of Other Examples may include:

• The vestiges of Jericho (Joshua 6) alongside proof the city divider “tumbled down level” (6:20) at the very time the Old Testament dates the intersection of the Hebrew individuals into Canaan (c. 1400 BC)

• Hezekiah’s passage (2 Kings 20:20) worked to subtly channel water into the city of Jerusalem c.

700 BC

• The old remains of Babylon (Book of Daniel), including the remnants of lord Nebuchadnezzar’s castles, sanctuaries, city dividers, houses, engravings referencing “Nebuchadnezzar, King of Babylon”

• The Babylonian Chronicle. These old verifiable records check that the Babylonians attacked the place that is known for Judah, blockaded the city of Jerusalem, and returned the Jews hostage to Babylon…just as the Bible said they did (2 Kings 24; Daniel 1).

• The “Pool of Siloam” (John 9:1– 12) where Jesus sent the visually impaired man with mud on his eyes to wash and get mending

• The all-around called “Jacob’s Well” (John 4:6) where Jesus met the Samaritan lady

• The pool called “Bethesda” (John 5:2) where Jesus told the man who had been faltering for a long time to take up his bed and walk

• Herod’s castle (Mark 6:14– 29) where John the Baptist was detained and executed; the history specialist Josephus makes reference to this royal residence and John the Baptist’s detainment and murder there

• A bone ossuary referencing Caiaphas the Jewish consecrated cleric (Matthew 26:3) who managed Jesus’ late night preliminary (Matthew 26:57– 68)

• The synagogue in Capernaum (Mark 1:21) on the north shore of the Sea of Galilee where Jesus frequently instructed

• The mosaic tile floor of an early Christian church in Megiddo, Israel, that says the congregation was worked in the memory of “the God Jesus Christ”— proof the early Christians trusted Jesus was God

Archaic exploration has not demonstrated so accommodating for different religious compositions.

Think about the Book of Mormon.

“Not one bit of proof has ever been found to help the Book of Mormon – not a hint of the substantial urban areas it names, no remains, no coins, no letters or records or landmarks, nothing recorded as a hard copy. Not in any case one of the streams or mountains or any of the geology it specifies has ever been distinguished.” [Dave Hunt, p.156, In Defense of the Faith; likewise observe p. 107 in The Case for Christ, by Lee Strobel].

Nothing, which shows that the Book of Mormon is something besides a mid-nineteenth century bit of American fiction, concocted by Joseph Smith has ever been found.

These are not the expressions of the Bible or a Christian, yet a student of history composing outside of the pages of Scripture. He confirms for us that Jesus lived and was executed under the rule of Pontius Pilate.

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