The Courageous Heart of Irena Sendler Essay

“The Courageous Heart of Irena Sendler” is a movie based on the life of a woman who risked her life for others. Irena saved 2,500 children from being sent to concentration camps. The actions of Irena Sendler are based in Poland during World War ll in the 1940’s. Irena lived near the Warsaw Ghetto which was a waiting area for transportation to concentration camps. Irena Sendler is the main character of the film, with a supporting cast of her mother: Janina Krzyzanowska, her future husband: Stefan Zgrzembski, and one of her helpers: Stefania.

Irena Sendler was a remarkable Christian woman because she was selfless, positively affected many lives, and risked her own life.

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The Courageous Heart of Irena Sendler Essay
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Irena was born Roman Catholic and is an overwhelming, exemplary model of what Christianity is. In Christianity, people do good deeds for others and are not selfish. Irena risked her life by posing as a nurse and secretly sneaking children out of the Ghetto. She also risked her life by visiting her friends who were living in the Ghetto and bringing them food.

Irena broke so many rules and laws pertaining to the Ghetto that she exceedingly shows how Christian she was. She had trust in God and understood the importance of her work. She also taught the children Christian prayers and the sign of the cross to hide their religion.

I believe that Irena’s Christianity motivated her to do this courageous act for others. Without faith, I do not believe anyone could do the things that she did. Irena was also motivated by her father, who had passed by the time World War ll started. A quote that she lived by and repeated in the movie was “I was taught that if you see a person drowning, you must jump into the water to save them, whether you can swim or not.” I feel that these powerful, unselfish words represent how selfless Irena is. She was ahead of her time, and understood that there was nothing wrong with Jewish people.

There were many challenges that faced Irena, but she persevered and faced the possibility of death head on. Irena faced emotional challenges by taking children from mothers. Many mothers did not want to part with their children, and stalled on letting go. Sometimes Irena would go back to a family the next day to get the children, and the family would have already been shipped to a concentration camp. Irena risked being caught by the Nazis, and endangered the lives of the children she was trying to rescue. If Irena was caught with the children, they probably would have both been killed.

The actions taken by Irena Sendler prove that her Christianity motivated her to save children’s lives. The most endearing quality about Irena is even after all the important work she did, she still felt like she did not do enough. She always felt like she could have done more and saved more lives. This modest view of her actions shows how she is an exemplary Christian woman. Her bravery to risk her life and others changed the course of history. Irena’s story will live on through history as an amazing example of a strong woman.

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