The Corpse Bride by Tim Burton Essay

Victor who belongs to a family with money, is arranged to marry Victoria a woman from a family without money Both are worried since they have never met Victoria’s parents tell her that marriage has nothing to do with love and it is partnership where both partners have something to offer Victor is a shy, lonesome, and awkward person Victor continuously messes up at the wedding rehearsal extending the time of the ceremony A man enters that no one knows enters and makes an incredible impression on Victoria’s parents (Lord Barcuss) Feeling embarrassed Victor wonders into the forest in the middle of the night

While practicing his vows he accidentally slips the ring on a corpse brides finger officially making them married and she drags him into the underworld Learn the story that the corpse bride and her husband to be were to elope secretly under an old oak tree, but the husband to be never showed up and left her there to die Victoria’s parents arrange for Victoria to marry Lord Barcuss instead Victor convinces emily (the corpse bride) to go and meet his parents in the living world however he sneaks off in order to speak with Victoria but Emily finds out and takes him back to the underworld Victoria marries Lord Barcuss

Since Weddings are til death to us part, the only way for Emily to continue to be married to Victor is if he dies He agrees to drink poison in order to do it The dead people come to the living world in order to marry Emily and Victor Lord Barcuss only wanted to marry Victoria for her family’s money but then found out that her family does not have any Emily decides not to go through with the wedding because she knows that Victor loves Victoria Lord Barcuss comes to take Victoria back and we learn that he is the one who left Emily to die under that oak tree While making fun of Emily, Lord Barcuss toasts the dead people and drinks the poison and dies Emily lets Victor go, and becomes butterfly’s that fly into the night.


Victor, a young man belonging to a family with dreams of wealth and, Victoria, a young woman belonging to a family who has lost all of their money are arranged to be married.

Victoria is afraid of this marriage as she has never met Victor but her parents tell her that a marriage is not about love but about a partnership. Victor does not know his vows and keeps messing them up at the ceremony. Embarrassed by this he wanders into the woods, and while practicing his vows he accidentally slips the ring on the finger of a corpse bride, making them married. The corpse bride, Emily, takes Victor to the underworld. While he is down there Victoria’s parents have found a replacement for Victor, in a man named Lord Barcuss.

Lord Barcuss and Victoria get married, and Victor is to late to stop it. One of the dead in the underworld find a clause in the marriage of Emily and Victor in the fact the death has already parted them, and the only way that they can continue their marriage is if Victor dies. Victor agrees to drink poison in order to die, but wants the wedding ceremony to be in the living world. All of the dead travel to the living world for the ceremony but Emily stops the wedding during the vows because she realizes that she is taking Victor from Emily. But suddenly, Lord Barcuss shows up to take Emily back. It is learned that Lord Barcuss was the one who left Emily to die when they were to be wed. After a heated battle Lord Barcuss decides to toast the crowd while ridiculing Emily and drinks the poison that was meant for Victor. Emily sets Victor free and fly’s as butterfly’s into the night.

Thoughts And Feelings:

This movie, is amazingly filmed with clay characters, which is something Tim Burton developed and innovated into the cinema world. The story and filming of this movie tie in with his traditionally dark and gloomy films. I thought that this movie has a wonderful plot, that would be entertaining for both adults and children, it gives parts of suspense, as well as comedic parts. You are made to feel sorrow upon the corpse bride that she is left at the oak tree in the film and anger towards Lord Barcuss when you find out that it was him that left her there. The main character, Victor is a very selfless person willing to give up his life for the happiness of Emily. Emily also proves to be a selfless person where she gives up Victor at the alter knowing that he belongs to Victoria. The main character or protagonist in the film also ties in with Tim Burtons alternate protagonist theme, as he is someone you do not expect to be a hero, because he is timid, and shy but becomes courageous towards the end of the film.

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