The Corporate Social Responsibility that can be adopted by the restaurant at Essay

The Corporate Social Responsibility that can be adopted by the restaurant at its inception are innumerable, but these ones will be the focus concerning CSR. They include Corporate Social Responsibility through environmental responsibility, Philanthropic Initiatives, Economic Responsibility (Blowfield & Murray, 2011).Environmental Responsibility: This will centre on two (2) areas which limits pollution and reduce greenhouse gases while also creating an awareness concerning environmental issues. It takes into consideration the fact that businesses that take the position of reducing air, land and water pollution can increase their standing as good corporate citizens will benefit themselves and the society as a whole (Clarke & Branson, 2012).

Philanthropic Initiatives: These will include the donation of time, money or resources to charities and organisations at local or international levels (Crane & Matten, 2016). Donations that will be directed to a variety of worthy causes that includes human right, national disasters reliefs, clean water and education programmes in underdeveloped countries.Ethical Business Practices: The keyword here is ethics. Equal pay for all equal jobs and a living wage is made a priority (Balabanov, et al.

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The Corporate Social Responsibility that can be adopted by the restaurant at Essay
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, 2015). There is a fair labour practice for businesses’ employees and also the employees that work for the company’s suppliers.Economic Responsibility: This focuses on facilitating the long-term growth of a business while also meeting the standards set for ethical, environmental and philanthropic practices. An example of cost-effective Responsibility is when companies modify their manufacturing processes to include recycled products (Tricker & Tricker, 2014).RATIONALE FOR THE PROPOSED CSRThough Corporate Social Responsibility is not mandated by many countries (an example is the USA). It is rational for companies to improve their local and global communities (Crane & Matten, 2016). When companies commit to causes that are perceived to be philanthropic, it helps its public image, and a good public image is certain to bring profits to such a company.RELEVANCE OF THE PROPOSED CSRThe relevance of Corporate Social Responsibility to T.J FOODZ potential business cannot be understated. It is important to give back to the community from which the enterprise hopes to trade, make money and cannot afford operating solely for money. The business must be willing to give back to the society (Underwood & et al, 2012). This corporate social responsibility can be easily applied into our business model and activities without any foreseeable problems.Starbucks is also an example of a company that has embraced and made use of the Corporate Social Responsibility and has given a lot back to the society and the environment at large (Blowfield, 2012). It created guidelines known as the C.A.F.E practice to make sure production for its coffee is sustainable and leads through environmental and economic accountability made known by its product quality. It also supports entities like the ethos water that provides clean water to a lot more than a billion individuals all around the globe (Blowfield & Murray, 2011). These companies, by practicing Corporate Social Responsibility, have entered the good graces of their business society and have widened their customer bases even more by practicing Corporate Social Responsibility. Imitating these companies will serve as good example for companies that are just starting up (Underwood & et al, 2012). A company with a good Corporate Social Responsibility takes responsibility for its actions or otherwise of its products and failure to do so may cost it its license to operate in the company’s domiciled community and most importantly, it may cost the community (Clarke & Branson, 2012).CONCLUSIONCSR has been tremendous so far because it makes enterprise strive to be better, and has made businesses who normally only get worried about their returns on investments start to see keeping their business environment from harm that could come to it through an unethical dealings on their while protecting their investment. CSR encapsulates economic sustainability, agendas on climate change and social issues into one context. This strategy which looks nothing more than a public relations (PR) stunt initially to the public is slowly being accepted by all. Although the quantification of CSR is a quite difficult it was hard to know just how impactful it was, but now the benefits can easily be seen since almost all the businesses practice one form of CSR or another.It is advisable that all businesses that are just starting up should practice one form or another of the sustainable enterprise and corporate social responsibility. As has been discussed above, these practices can be very defining for up-and-starting businesses because it serves as a form of PR for these companies and brings them easily to the notice of the public who they will be trying to sell their products to, or to whom they will be rendering their services to.

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