The Big Surprise Essay

Two years ago I was with my family visiting Chiapas, we were in Palenque and we rented a car so that it was easy for us to move around the entire city and visiting all the nearest towns around, the plan was to go in the car around the country. One of the first days we went to visit the entire archeologist zone and the pyramids. My brother and I went to the car like at 10 am to leave some souvenirs and a big statue of a cougar that my mother bought so we can walk more easily and faster.

When we arrived to the car my brother told me that he wanted to leave his iPod and his sunglasses inside the car as well as the souvenirs, at first I told him that it was fine but then I thought about it and I told him not to leave them to obviously and to try to hide them because I thought it was kind of dangerous that someone might see all the stuff inside the car and maybe they could steal it.

My brother didn’t listened to me and he left his iPod and sunglasses in the car as well, we returned with the rest of the family to the ruins and we stayed there for a long time, when we realized it was already really late it was like 2 pm so my father told us that it was time to go to the hotel and have some food and rest because we were living the next day really early in the morning. When we arrived to the car we had a big surprise, someone had broken the glass of the car and had stolen all the souvenirs, iPods, sunglasses and the most important the cougar statue my mom had bought to decorate my house.

Because of that we had to change the car and all the process to change it was really long so all the schedule that we had for the trip was delayed one more day because of that. So since that trip I learned that you should definitely not leave anything inside the cars and if you do, you need to hide very carefully all so people can’t see them and try to steal it. Of course my parents were furious with my brother and I told him that if he had listened to me that wouldn’t have happened, but he is so mulish and never obeys.

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