The best way to travel is in a group led by a tour guide Essay

Nowadays, with the rapid development of people’s lives, the great popularity of travel has aroused a great deal of a? en? on. Have you ever thought about how to go on a voca? on that full of joyfulness? Is it the best way to travel in a group led by a tour guide? From my perspec? ve, however, this idea cannot totally acquire my acceptance. Although hiring a tour guide can provide us more informa? on for visitors, there are far more demerits than merits.

To begin with, leading by a tour guide takes risks in some degree.

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The best way to travel is in a group led by a tour guide Essay
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As all of us know, security is the prior factor that we have to concern before taking a trip. However, the phenomenon of decep? on of travel agency is not rare to see currently. Nothing can be more obvious to support this view than the instance of my &rst hand. Last summer, I went to Hong Kong for a voca? on with my family.

We handled all of the procedures in the travel agency and they invited a conductor as our tour guide. We were supposed to have a wonderful ? me enjoying the *ourishing scenery.

By contrast, we were totally deceived by him all the ?me that we were forced to go shopping at a certain amount of money everyday. In this case, I clearly learned that following the tour guide without carefulness may walk us into the trap. Apart from this, travelling in a group by a tour guide restrict our liberty and privacy. For instance, If we go travelling by ourselves, we can choose the place where we want to live, wherever near the seaside or close to the downtown; We can choose what we enjoy ea? ng, seafood or western food;

We can control the ?me that how long we want to stay in the hotel or how long we prefer having fun in the amusement park. A variety of choices are harbored on our own. However, it is a completely di-erent story following the tour guides. They will deprive us of our ? me or right, even money for their own pro&t. Judging from all the evidence o-ered, although travelling with a tour guide may introduce more for visitors, it is not the best way because on the one hand, we may lose our safety; on the other hand, we are deprived of our liberty and privacy.

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