The Benefits of Modern Technology Outweighs Its Disadvantages Essay

The Benefits of Modern Technology Outweigh its Disadavntages Technology has greatly improved our lives in all aspects over the years. It continually adds to the quality and convenience of our lives in business, education, healthcare and other areas and the benefits of modern technology continually outweigh the disadvantages. Although there are some negatives to it and a lot of people could not imagine what it would be like to not have many of the technological conveniences they have and have perhaps become too dependent on technology.

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The Benefits of Modern Technology Outweighs Its Disadvantages Essay
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Businesses have benefitted from technology in helping them remain up-to-date and be more efficient. Technology within businesses has helped many survive competition; many businesses these days rely heavily on digital printing methods and are a major part in the functioning of these businesses. This helps with efficiency of the businesses but can also have a negative effect if the printers, etc. fail in the event of power cuts, etc. Education and communication have also benefitted largely from technological advancements.

It has sped up communication in all aspects and time is no longer a factor in communication.

Technology has made sharing and spreading of information easier and faster. Thanks to technology, education is now made easier by providing the opportunity of learning from your home allowing learners to take courses at their own pace. It has also opened education to learners with learning disabilities and in remote locations. The benefits of technology have been best utilized by healthcare. It has allowed physicians provide advice, redirect patients to resources on the internet, etc. this is saves money as well as time by reducing the amount of times a patient has to make office visits.

There are also medical devices which allow patients to complete recoveries at home, reducing hospital stay. The technology aids the very young to the elderly, from complex birth defects to chronic illnesses. This is good but these devices are expansive and could be costly, a lot of these devices are not 100% effective and carry risks in place of you recovering fully, the old fashion ways. Society is also reaping the benefits of technology. Technology has provided convenience in both personal and business transactions. It has benefitted in personal communications, people can now communicate at a more affordable cost.

For all its good, technology has also had its bad effects on society. It has shortened attention spans and even forced large businesses to shut down, like some newspapers, etc. Although it has improved communication it is a fact that people do not interact personally with one another as they used to. There are always pros and cons to every situation but it is clear that technology has without a doubt done more good for our lives than bad. Technological benefits definitely outweigh its disadvantages and it is now something that the world relies on very much to continue to function.

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