The Beginning I tackled my brother to the ground When I look Essay

The Beginning

I tackled my brother to the ground. When I look at him it’s like peeking into a mirror. We were born twins. We might look the same on the external but on the interior, we are nothing alike. He can go outside, he can go to the academy, he was a 2nd and he was lucky to be born before me. I have another sister but she isn’t around much because her boyfriend isn’t allowed into the house because of me.

I was a mistake. Every family is only allowed to have 2 children because of society. But since I was a 3rd I had to go into hiding. I had to live in the walls that are around my house. I wasn’t meant to be born to this family.

“Ash, are you ok outside I heard a loud bang outside.” mom shouted.

She didn’t say anything about me because I wasn’t real. Well, I was but since I was a 3rd my whole family had to act like I didn’t exist or my family including me would be assassinated.

“I’m ok I just accidentally cast the wrong spell.” He screamed back.

Yea I guess you can say I’m envious of my brother because he gets everything he gets to learn about our family heritage, he gets to practice spells. He gets to be a witch. He gets to have a life. I haven’t met anyone but my family. He shoved me off. And tried to get up but his chest was aching. “Can you get me my inhaler.” He mumbled to me.

“Yes, where is it,” I whispered back.

All of a sudden I heard a bang on the front door and saw mom coming to help Ash.

“Get into hiding you know better to be out of hiding until dark.” Mom said harshly to me.

“Mom it is dark well almost,” I grumbled,

“Almost dark not completely dark get into hiding you know how dangerous to have you around.” Mom barked back.

“Then why did you decide to keep me, why didn’t you report me.” I snapped back.

“Because you are my child and I didn’t want to see you get hurt but now there is no turning back but now I wish I did report you because you cause so many issues.” she snarled back.

“Oh, now I know that you didn’t want me,” I said my voice cracking because I was ready to cry.

“Oh come on it’s not like that but..” I cut her off

“But nothing I know you wish you didn’t have me I heard you tell dad that I was a mistake,” I said tears rushing down my face.

Mom tried to comfort me but I shoved her away. She went to Ash and ask if he was ready to come inside. He shook his head and followed mom inside. Once they were inside I started to ascend the wall that enclosed my home. The wall I have climbed so many times. The rocky cobblestone wall that I knew every spot to put my hand. As I scaled it like a lizard some rocks slipped and fell to the bottom. Once I got on top I took one last look at my brother’s window he saw me a tear running down his face he waved goodbye. I blow him a kiss. Right before I jumped. I took one last look around. I thought of the family that thought of me as a mistake. The same family that lied through their teeth and I believed it. I thought of how naive I was to believe their lies. I thought of my brother. He was so fortunate to be born first. Then I leaped.

And right as my feet slam into the ground. I ran like my life depended on it. I loved the feeling as the wind flew through in my hair. I ran until I couldn’t breathe. I stopped and looked around. Deep inside I knew I couldn’t go back to my old life. I stop and saw the park I slowly walked over to the park. Where I saw a bench where I sat down and tugged the hood over my eyes. The reason is that all pupils have a blue mark by unless you are a 3rd then you don’t have it. I sat in the shadows letting it take over. I felt different, not human. Something inside me was telling that I need blood. That’s all my mind wanted was blood. I sat there thinking, waiting for food. A human walked past. Thump, thump went their heart. I didn’t know what came over me I lunged into action shoving them onto the soil moving their head so that their neck visible. There I saw the pulse beating in their neck the terror in their eyes I didn’t care at the moment. I was a predator and I just caught my prey. I craved the blood. I plunged my teeth into his neck. The heartbeat started to pick up the pace and then started fading but I couldn’t stop.

“Stop” I heard a fierce male’s voice.

But I kept going as I heard his footsteps get closer I drank faster and faster and the heartbeat fading and fading until it was almost no more. Then I felt a frigid hand snatched me off and pushed me to a wall with one hand keeping me pinned up against the wall. While the other hand went to the man’s neck, I saw blood trickling down and onto the ground and its smell filled the air. I couldn’t control myself. I didn’t want to waste this rich, dark red, thick honey. I struggle to get out of his clutch and failed. He had his arm up against my neck so I couldn’t move and the more I struggle the harder he pushed. He reached down and felt the man’s neck. There was a very faint pulse. Then the man pulled his attention back to me.

“Listen, little one, you have to learn to control it. I know it’s difficult at first but you can do it. You have to know when to stop.” he said to me.

“I don’t know what happens one minute I was fine the next I was a ravenous beast thirsty for blood it was like a hunger that took over,” I explained with panic rushing over me.

He looked dead at me and said so gentle but yet cold “You in transition come back to the den and we can teach you to control your hunger and show you how to use your new skills.”

I loosened up and my newly fangs went in. My vision got clearer but everything was more intense. I looked around the sky was pitch black no more stars. No more moon. Then my attention went back to the man he was laying there lifeless but his heartbeat keeps going. He looked young about 20 years old ruffled blonde hair. Amber eyes. He looked calm; like he finally found peace. The man that was pinning me to the wall he released his arm. He is alive he told me in a voice that sent shivers running down my back. I looked at him and he looked at me. He had spiky hair and silver eyes. He looked young he looked the same age as me 16.

“What is a den, what about my family I’m in transition into what and I have powers?” I asked in a dazed.

“Take my hand and I’ll explain on the way,” He smirked and held out his hand.

I took his hand without even realizing it. Just then we were off running faster than light. Then we started to slow down. And he changed pace we walked until he stopped. He stopped and looked around before pulling out a book and told me in the book there are all the vampire information that I need. We continue to walk as I ran my hand down the new book. It’s dark red cover looked like many hands have touched it before but still smooth until I hit the center witch had a little raised fang with blood drops coming down. It’s heavy but it looks skinny. I flipped through the thousands of pages. The pages were very old. A yellow tint to mark the age of time. I looked up and noticed how far he got ahead. I ran to catch up with him but the book dragged me down. But when I got there he pulled my hand and dragged me to a tree but this tree was unusual it was a great big birch tree and he told me to jump through it. I was confused but I listened I jumped at the tree and right when my body hit the tree I went through. The minute my feet stumble onto the ground the smell of blood people’s voices filled the air I wanted to explore but this man with a midnight cape came up and helped me regain my balance he said

“Hi my name is Magnus and I am one of the elders, and you are?”

I didn’t have to answer when a loud slosh sound came from the trunk then the man that got me here came through. But he landed on his feet without trouble like he has done this many times before and casually strolled up to us and spoke to Mangus jokingly,

“Ah yes, I see that you have made yourself quite friendly with our newest fledgling.”

“Ah yes, and I think you, Devon, have made her quite scared,” Mangus said lightly

I interrupted their conversation boldly “I’m not scared and my name is Kai.”

“Aright Kai, welcome to your new home, ‘The den of Ashwood OR’” Devon and Mangus spoke as one then moved to one side of me.

On my left, I had this toffee skinned, short black spiky hair silver-eyed tall boy named Devon. And on my right, I had this long, copper-haired, green-eyed, honey skinned shorter boy named Mangus. I odd in amazement that we were standing in this great birch tree’s trunk a chandelier hanging down from the ceiling with different channels breaking off from the trunk the light from the chandelier hitting the marbled glossed floors and retreating up the dark wood on the sides on the left of me there were 12 tunnels every tunnel had a banner on top there. On my left were 4 different colors mahogany, a midnight blue, a cloudy gray and a forest green, each of these tunnels looks like they went on forever. On my right, there was one single tunnel with a huge royal purple banner on it. In front of me, there were 3 main tunnels the banners were an electric blue sunset orange and a misty black. I spun around to face the wall that we came from, the were cavities that had names on them some I could read there were like ASHWOOD OR, DEADHORSE AK, BLUEBALL DE, NEUTRAL KS, and BOOK LA and many more those were just some that I could read. Mangus broke the silence and spoke very quietly but even in here it bounced off the walls. But I could see that he was trying to be careful. It was like he knew that my senses were now heighten everything was louder, brighter, the smells were more complex than a 3d puzzles, colors were brighter even some seemed to be yelling at me, and emotions were stronger. Everything was more complex. But he spoke in a soft tone

“Those are portals leading to other parts of the world where there are dens. The banner color represents something, on the left is your 4 types of vampires, each vampire wears a cape to matches with the class he or she is in. Mahogany is the elders highest power next is the Midnight blue which is our medics are the healing class and that is were the rehab and healing centers are. After them, it goes cloudy gray witch is the MCS which their power is so-so and lastly is forest green witch is fledglings is where you gonna go until we learn our skills and then u will be assigned to a class. In the vampire world, we judged you on your skills, not age. On your right is the royal purple banner which means knowledge so down that hallway is gonna be your libraries and resource centers. If you look in front of you there is the electric blue that is the main center where we hold all of our ceremonies and that is where we get our missions and are assigned our role for the next month. The next color is the sunset orange that is where the main hangout place is and where all blood is served if you take blood out of the cafeteria please don’t spill it. And the misty block is the training center and weapon smiths area.” Mangus got done speaking I look at him and he wasn’t out of breath I giggled and don’t know how he did it.

Then Devan looked at me and he glanced at me was like he didn’t care. He spoke loudly witch hurt my ears “Here’s your cape and your seclude for tomorrow please go find your room number and get settled in breakfast will be served at 4 am don’t be late.”

He handed me a green cape a piece of paper which I assumed was the schedule and small jade key with a number imprinted on. I look up and shook my head. They both spoke in unison “ If you need help go to the blue cape and people will help you.”

Before I could get a word out they turned away and walked away but I did notice that Devan didn’t have a cape on him odd I thought to myself. I looked down at the key to find the number to be “588”. I turned the green cape hallway and marched to the hallway the halls were a type of ash wood with a dark floor and a green carpet in the center of the floor, there was a flight of marble stairs with a green banister and railings I looked up then and it seemed to end after what looked like tens of spirals I started to climb the stairs after I got to the 4th floor there was a dark oak plank with an indicator that showed 588 to 735. I got off on that floor which looked like on the first platform, my room was the first on the right. I walked over to the door which was also dark oak with sharp green trim around it I stuck the key in and spun it and the door popped right open. I looked into the room not knowing what to expect and the room didn’t look at all like the hallway. The high ceiling with the black walnut walls and the maple floors. I walked in and the first thing I noticed was the little bathroom off to the side. It was a modern bathroom with a small little shower with a sea green shower curtain. The sink had a toothbrush and a hairbrush. I walked out of the bathroom to the little hallway with a closet for shoes. After the foyer was the big living room with the bed and the green fluffy carpet that the queen size bed stood on. It had on a single blanket a big thick fuzzy blanket with a forest sewn on it. It draped off the edge and it had tigerwood side by tables one had a little lantern and the other had an alarm clock, the dugout spot for my clothes and little loveseat. To the right of my bedroom/living room was a little kitchen with a quarter of a wall with a stone countertops with 4 bar stools. In the kitchen, I had stone floors with a sink and a few maple cabinets. I didn’t know where to start. I have never had a bed, let alone a whole room. I sat down on my new bed and looked down at the schedule.

Arise at 4 p,

Leave your room at 4:30 pm

Breakfast will be served at 4:45 pm

Then go into the blue banner

The initial training will be at 6:15 pm

And end at 9 pm

The lunch will be served at 9:15 pm

And end at 9:45

(you don’t have to eat unless you want to)

The second training will be AT 10:00 pm

And will end at 1:30 am

You will be dismissed to take break

during your break, you can go explore just don’t be late for dinner

Dinner will be severe at 3:30 am

At 4: 30 you will be dismissed and be expected

To go to the last training at 5 am

And it will last till 7 am




Damn, That’s a lot to do, I thought to myself. I sighed and looked at my clock it read 4 am damn I better get a shower in and wash off all this blood. I thought to myself. I opened the closet to see if I had clothes and oh I did. I had what looked like 20 pairs of jeans. Many of shoes a few dresses and skirts, some shorts. Shirts and hoodies of every color. And many different types of socks. I walked in and grabbed a short sleeve dark green shirt a gray hoodie and a pair of jeans I also grabbed a pair of socks I hoped in the shower. When I got out I hopped into bed and buried in the blanket and fell asleep.

I was back at my house in between the 2 walls asleep. This tall dark figure came in from the losses rocks in the back of the wall. He came to where I was sleeping. The look in his eyes was like he didn’t care. He was very aware of what he was doing but he did it anyway. He moved my head to the side and he tensed up and his fangs came out. The white long teeth went through my neck pierced the skin easily. After what felt like an hour he tilted his head back and his teeth came out and my blood dripped down. He wiped his mouth. Then he pulled out this small vial with black liquid. He unscrewed the very small cap tilted my head to the side so the marks were visible then he poured the liquid into the mark. Then without hesitation, he snapped my neck. He kissed my hand and was gone in the blink of an eye.

I woke up in a dead sweat. I wanted to scream but no sound came out. I tried to move but that was a hopeless effort. I was just paralyzed. All I could do was stare at the ceiling the dream replaying and every time it felt more and more realistic. His fangs going into my neck and the break of my neck. The pain and noise got worse and worse. The look in his eyes burned a forever memory in my mind. I wanted to scream, I wanted her to get up and move before he came but I couldn’t do anything. I just stayed there and a wave of helplessness came over me. Minutes passed but it felt like hours. I just lade there lost and confused. Finally, I could move. I screamed tears rushing down my face. The screams turned into hiccups and tears turned into sobs. I sat up and hugged my knees to my chest. I rocked back and forth alone and confused. I struggled to claim myself but after many tries I finally did. I looked over to my alarm clock it was 2 pm I don’t think anybody would be up. So I just sat there lost in thought. Finally, I gave up and got out of bed. I changed into a pair of jeans. I sat on the loveseat and pulled out the book. I was on a hunt to figure out what this man did to me. I looked at the table of contents and found what I was looking for. I turned to page 24.

The process of turning.

Ok, so you want to change a human into a vampire. Well to change a person into a vampire. You need humans to consent in writing. If you don’t have this and you do turn a human into a vampire. You will be breaking the laws of the supernatural. Pg (14). So make sure to get consent.

Step 1 get consent

Once you have the consent you will want 4 drops of your venom. Not 5, not 3. Exactly 4 then you will want a 2 drops of their blood. Then take a corner piece of the consent piece. Burn it. Take the ashes, 4 drops of your blood and 2 drops of their blood mix it all and pour the mixture in a little vile.

Step 2 make the vile

After you get the consent and your mixture. you will want to bite the neck.

Step 3 bit the neck

After you made the mark pour the vile into the mark

Step 4 pour the vile

Then once the vile is in their bloodstream snap their neck

Step 5 snap the neck

So now you have a fledgling. Be careful when a fledgling first turns a wave of uncontrollable hunger will wash over them and they were feed on the nearest animal or human. You will also need to train them to use the skills. An untrained fledgling will turn into an unknown and will have to be killed on site. A fledgling will appreciate the company of their sire. It will hinder the training of a fledgling without its sire.

Pg 24

Damn, that’s a lot to do to turn a human into a vampire. Wait you need the consent to turn. But I haven’t signed a paper ever. I don’t even exist in the society. My name means nothing. Maybe that’s why he picked me because I’m an essay target. I thought to myself. I got up and decided to go for a walk around the den so I grabbed my watch, key, and schedule. Right, when I got to the door I opened it and there he was…

-I scream and try to slam the door but he caught it He starts to chase me I run to the bed and jump over it he follows my every move. It’s like he can read my mind. I bolt for the door but he grabs me and pins me. I try to scream but he puts his hand on my mouth. I was frozen with fear. I looked at him. His face was beautiful. Not a freckle in sight. His stormy gray eyes that I could get lost in easily. He looks at me and removes the hand that is over my mouth.

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