The Arabian Horse Essay

The Arabian horse is unlike any creature created by Allah. He is a very rare combination of a very unique set of attributes. He combines both beauty and power in such a way that balances both values equally. His physical appearance demands respect and his character represents the very best of human qualities. His origin is to date still a mystery. Many theories revolve around his origin adding more to his mystery. We have El-Khamsa theory, the creation from the south wind theory, the fall of the Great Marib dam theory and many others.

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The Arabian Horse Essay
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The one solid fact though, is that they flourished in the Arabian deserts and that they are longest and purest breed among other horse breeds. Although this fact has a lot of contradictions because Arabian horses have low tolerance to thirst. In general, water is a vital source for every living creature but to horses water is the essence of living. Without sufficient water horses can easily die of colic.

I tend to think that the Arabian breed flourished in oases thus supporting the theory that they belonged to the Arabian desert while having access to sufficient water sources.

The Arabian horse was first domesticated by Prophet Ishmael. Afterwards, many prophets prized Arabians like Prophet Dawood and Prophet Soliman leading the way to Prophet Mohamed (peace be upon them all) who laid the cornerstone of the status of the Arabian Horse into the hearts and souls of many Muslims and Arabs. He urged them to own and honor the Arabians. Arabians were mainly used in travel and wars but they weren’t tools, they were partners of success.

Arabs charged on the back of their mares, who are way more courageous than stallions, and fought many wars together. In fact, the Europeans were properly introduced to Arabians during the crusades. I would personally go as far as to say that the Arabian horse played a crucial role in shaping the Arab civilization. Throughout history, the Arabian horse managed to capture the hearts and minds of many influential figures. Caliphs, Kings, Princes and Pashas were dedicated to breeding this majestic creature to perfection.

To them, Arabians were the most precious treasures. Some of them built stables with such luxury that wasn’t present in their own palaces. They were so keen on acquiring the very best of this breed at any cost and by any measures. Without these influential figures, the history of Arabian horses wouldn’t have definitely been the same. Leaders like Tohotmos, Ramses II, El Moizz, Baybars, El Nacer, Prince Mohamed Ali, Abbas Pasha, Ali Pasha Sherif weren’t simply Arabian Horse lovers, they were visionaries.

Without their awareness, they passed the Arabian horse torch to one another making sure that this legacy never dies. Many factors help set the Arabian apart from any other breed. Type, that distinctive look, is perhaps the most important factor. His sculptured head with its large round nostrils and fine sharp ears is definitely his mark. Another mark is his high tail carriage that exhibits his high sense of pride and self-worth. The breed also possesses such stamina and vigor known in no other breeds.

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