The Advantages of being multilingual Essay

The world we live in is rapidly growing into an enormous melting pot and most of us are very aware of the fact that the ability to speak a foreign language has never been as vital as it has been in the 21st century.

Learning a new language offers many new career opportunities as well as other advantages which are often ignored. Among the less obvious benefits is the change in perspective one will gain from seeing the world through different eyes.

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The Advantages of being multilingual Essay
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Every language expresses ideas in it’s own particular manner, giving us the ability to see things from another angle and thus allowing us to gain new insights of ourselves, our native culture and the world around us. This can spark creativity and give individuals an exciting new window through which to view the world and make decisions.

Consequently, those who learn a foreign language will become more dynamic and improve their problem-solving abilities. As a result, children who are bilingual (or multilingual) perform better at school and have a tendency to develop a higher level of intellect in comparison to their peers.

Whether it is about increasing our knowledge for personal reasons, or to add languages as a skill on a CV, there are many advantages of knowing a foreign language.

Here are benefits in more detail:

 Cognitive Benefits

A mutilingual person develops creative thinking and an ability to think more flexibly. Such people have two or more words for each idea or object. They are also more sensitive to the needs of listeners, as compared to monolingual people. Being multilingual has a positive effect on intellectual growth of a person as well.

Curriculum Benefits

Multlingual people have a better thinking capability. Being versed in more than one language, gives people the benefit of better understanding. Multilingual individuals tend to show higher performance in examinations and tests as well. They find it quite easy to learn and speak any new languages.

Communication Advantages

Multlinguals enjoy reading and writing in different languages. They can understand and appreciate literature in various languages. It gives them a deeper knowledge of different ideas and traditions. Needless to say, they do not face difficulties in communication whilst in a foreign country.

Cultural Advantages

Multilingualism offers an access and exposure to different cultures. Due to a wider cultural experience, there is a greater tolerance and open-mindedness of differences in creeds and customs.

Character Advantages

Language builds a bond between people. When a person speaks our native language, we tend to have a liking for them. This creates a powerful link between people from different countries as well as increasing a person’s sense of self-esteem when communicating with other people.

Benefits to health

Recent scientific research showed that multilingualism can slow down the symptoms of ageing by boosting brain performance, and can therefore be an advantage in later life.

Employment Benefits

Being bilingual adds to the expansion of one’s knowledge and understanding. It works wonders on a CV. A bilingual person is always given priority over a monolingual person. It offers a wider choice of jobs in various fields. Bilinguals can get prosperous career opportunities in the retail, transport, tourism, administration, public relations, marketing, banking, accountancy, translation, law and teaching sectors (to name a few).

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