The adult education organization that I have chosen is The Bowman Center Essay

The adult education organization that I have chosen is The Bowman Center. This organization has rich background in the Cleveland Ohio area. The Bowman Center is located at the corner of 120th in union. The Bowman center first started off as a hunger center for children and adults to be added to the meal program in 2001, the center became the Thea Bowman Center, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, named for Sister Thea Bowman, FSPA, an African-American nun who was an inspirational advocate for intercultural awareness in the Roman Catholic Church.

The center has expanded over the years to help with adult literacy with their GED preparation classes. The Bowman center is dedicated to enhancing the adult life with opportunities to learn what is necessary to pass the GED test. The Bowman Center provides for the whole adult realizing that the adult may have more needs than just one. GED preparation, Health and wellness, computer training. These are essential for the adult learner to succeed in his or her new journey of continuing education.

For example, help with home energy assistant programs. This program helps the adult keep his or her heat on in the winter. According to Foundations of Adult Education and Continuing Education. A key report of PIAAX findings noted that adults in the United States with low-level literacy skills were ten times more likely to have come from families with low level education levels; were four times more likely to have health (two times the national average); twice as likely to be out of work contributing to high rate of unemployment in the united states; were more likely to face a 50 percent increased risk of hospitalization and were less likely to be able to access or use the internet ( 1 in 5 adults) (Ross-Gordon, Rose, & Kasworm, 2017 p.41). The text shows that the Bowman center is on track without these resources from the center one can assume this would be a difficult task to be successful passing the GED test. Furthermore, the Bowman center has a department for wellness this is also important to the community. The community can come to the center and seek medical help where needed. When an adult has its necessary accommodations, the student has a better chance of succeeding. According to the text Handbook of adult and continuing education. In the 1990’s there was a growing demand in the U.S. for adults to learn. Cunningham (1998) attributes this to learning for their own survival as much as wellbeing, in a modern society constructed around market forces (Kasworm, Rose, & Ross-Gordon, 2010. P 104.). Adult learning is detrimental to a society that is based solely on money and survival that is why The Bowman Center is crucial to the adult learner. While everything now is mainly done through technology. The bowman center encourages adults to take part in adult computer training. This one to one tutoring is to help the adult learner work and get comfortable with his or her computer skills. The training is flexible and are days and evenings. The adult learner can learn at his or her own pace. This is a very good asset to the adult learner. According to Foundations of Adult Education and Continuing Education. A large majority (87 percent) of American adult internet users believe that the internet has improved their ability to learn new things, with more than half the surveyed adult’s 53 percent believing that it has improved their ability to learn new things a lot (Ross-Gordon, Rose, & Kasworm, 2017 p.297). Technology has given the adult learner to learn new information at a rapid pace. Also, the internet is available every hour to obtain information. The Bowman cent teaching adult learners how to navigate the internet at his or her own pace is a very important tool to help him or her obtain information to help with GED classes. What I see as the issues needs to consider for the future development in meeting society’s needs is extending locations. The reason why I feel this is an important is with all the opportunities that are available at the Bowman center would be well received in every neighborhood. I also, think that if the Bowman Center could advertise the opportunities that are available at their center a lot more adults would attend. For some adults with transportation issues he or she may not find it safe to travel across town to the Bowman center. Another development that I feel will be a great to consider for this organization is job opportunities for adult students after getting his or her GED. A career pathway to finding a higher rate of pay to help the families find more income and stability in his or her home. According to Foundations of Adult Education and Continuing Education. The working poor faces many issues, including working for minimal wages and typically fewer hours, as well as receiving few benefits, as paid vacation, and pension plans (Ross-Gordon, Rose, & Kasworm, 2017 p.61). The working poor must have more opportunities to move up in their finical status with the proper career pathways this could be a successful program. Furthermore, an adult student that has worked very hard to get a GED should never have to say now what am I going to do. This is a critical moment in the adult learner’s life to find out what his or her next step should be. .

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