The Acceptance of Mass Customisation When Shopping Online in the US

This will be the Methodology Chapter discussing which methodological choices I will be using.

This chapter should reflect the underlying assumption(s) about your research methodology.
You are expected to discuss the research method(s) used – the strengths and weaknesses as
applied to your dissertation, and the activities to be carried out.
For example: research strategy and design, sample and sample size, and the justification of the
chosen methods. You will need the literature on research methodology/methods to support your

Justifies methodological approach in relation to research
question(s) and objectives; clearly links discussion to own

Justifies appropriateness of research design and data collection
and analysis methods; justifies rejection of alternative

Attached is what I have written so far for the methodology, it is kind of a mess and I would like for it to be rewritten if need be. The only thing correct thing in it is the Sections and Subsections. Everything needs to be elaborated on more as well as clear understanding of various research methods needs to be discussed as well as comparing them and choosing the best ones for my chosen dissertation.

I have also uploaded powerpoint slides taken directly from the book for class. It is required that we follow the Research Onion when writing about the philosophy. It is located in chapter 4 which I will upload. I am not able to send you the book because it is too big but the entire text can be downloaded online here

It is important to cite everything as well

The book is called Research Methods for Business Students by Mark Saunders, Philip Lewis and Adrian Thornhill.

I will try and fit everything into this e-mail or I will send multiple.

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