Terry Collins 54 was arrested Friday and charged with manslaughter Essay

Terry Collins, 54, was arrested Friday and charged with manslaughter and trafficking of a controlled substance, police say. The charges stem from the overdose of a 48-year-old Stratford man. The man and a 33-year-old woman obtained fentanyl. After consuming the drugs, both the man and the woman lost consciousness. The woman was revived by naloxone, but the man died, police say. After Consulting the crown attorney’s office police decided to lay a manslaughter charge on the person who trafficked the drugs “ought to know that trafficking fentanyl in dangerous act likely to cause a person’s death” Stratford police said in a media release.

By selling these drugs this man also broke the sixth commandment, “you must not commit murder”. Beacon Herald. “Stratford Man Charged with Manslaughter in Overdose Death.” The London Free Press, 26 May 2019, lfpress.com/news/local-news/stratford-man-charged-with-manslaughter-in-overdose-death.

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Terry Collins 54 was arrested Friday and charged with manslaughter Essay
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As the world keeps moving, people get left behind. We need to help these people who can’t keep up with these changing times.

We need to pray for these people with the prayer of agape.

We also must thank God for all that he has given us. Do what God would want you to do and donate to The Salvation Army.

Every penny, piece of clothing, can of food, and any household objects help the people who fell behind, catch back up

Who will fight for you?

177,800 Canadians get diagnosed with cancer each year, and 75,00 die from it. These people and their families are going through rough times. Some of these people are going through it alone. We need to fight for these people when they can’t fight for themselves or have given up on fighting. We must show these people agape and phileo love. If you don’t show these people love, who do you expect will fight for you?

Canadian red cross society

The Canadian red cross mission is to improve

the lives of vulnerable people by mobilizing

the power of humanity in Canada and around the world.

We show the people in need agape love. We sacrifice our

well being to help the people who need the most

How you can help: You can help by donating whatever sum of money you desire (Could be monthly)

or even volunteering your services. Whichever you chose, you are supporting a good cause.


This man’s story of helping

A homeless man living in a

Test is both heartbreaking

And inspiring

Written by, Mike waterhouse

A man is sharing his heartwarming, yet heart breaking story of helping a homeless man get back on his feet and to help spread the love.

Adam August 28 said he had seen a homeless man at Starbucks for several times a year. “Every time I’d see him, I’d tell myself that I would take him to lunch but always found an excuse not to,” August wrote. But one day he woke of encouraged. He took the man out to lunch and found out he was 37-year-old, Tarec Atkinson was born and raised in Jamaica. “When he was a kid, he dreamt of being a famous futbol (soccer) player. He was recruited to play in school but never got the opportunity because of some trouble he got in as a teenager,” August wrote. “He moved to the states 8 years ago and has spent the last 12 months living in a tent by the side of the freeway. Tarec goes days without eating, sometimes living off the berries he picks, he spends 90% of his time alone and has no friends and no family in the states.” Atkinson had said it had been over and month said he had last bathed, so August took him back to his apartment so he could shower. But august knew it would take more then that to get the man back on his feet. August then proceeding to take the man shopping for cloths and then taking Atkinson job searching. They hit up more than half a dozen stores. “I would walk in with him so he knew he wasn’t alone. It can be overwhelming to walk into a business and ask for a job,” August wrote. “I was very proud of him. We had a few positive responses, but most of the business’s told us that applications were submitted online. So August took Atkinson to the library to fill in applications. Their work paid of and Atkinson got a job in a local grocery store I remember driving to Safeway being nervous,” August wrote. “I looked over to him and asked how he was feeling. He looked back at me and said, ‘I got this.’ I believed him.”

Twenty minutes later, Atkinson shared his good news – all without saying a word.

“I dropped him off, wished him luck and waited. 20 minutes later, I see him walk out of Safeway with a big smile and a thumbs up,” August wrote. “I let out a Rick Flair sounding ‘WOO!’ We had accomplished a lot together in two weeks. It was an incredible moment.”

Waterhouse, Mike, et al. “This Man’s Story of Helping Homeless Man Living in Tent Is Inspiring and Heartbreaking.” ABC7 New York, 2 Feb. 2017, abc7ny.com/society/mans-story-of-helping-homeless-man-is-inspiring-heartbreaking/1733658/.

In this story august followed the teachings of Jesus by getting Atkinson food, bringing him to his house so he can bathe. He then proceeded to go above and beyond and help the man get a job. He helped this man more then anyone else would have just like Jesus would have if he was in august situation. Photo of Atkinson at work

Inside Patrick Maroons decision to come home this season

Since the birth of Patrick marrons son Anthony on September 2nd, 2008, they have celebrated Anthony’s birthday together in St. Louis. One time Patrick took Anthony and all his friend to epic 6, to play laser tag. “I love every birthday,” the elder Maroon says. “But Anthony knew, and I knew, that after his birthday, Daddy was leaving. He cried a lot. I cried a lot. It sucks.” It only got worse as Anthony got older. “Because that’s when he really started to understand,” Maroon says. Marron was hoping around the AHL for 7 years, playing in eight cities making a little over $40,000 per year. When Maroon finally made it to the NHL, he was traded twice in three years. He tried to be the best father he could with countless facetimes. There were times that maroons father Philip, would drive 16 long hours so they could spend the long weekend together. For all of Maroons professional career, teams decided where he played, Maroon finally had a choice, He could sign in New Jersey, the team he finished the year with. He had other offers too, He could sign with a team that would over double his money, but he would end up talking a $1.75 million deal in St. Louis. “For a player like me, that’s life changing money.” Maroon chose to bet on himself, and he chose Anthony. “Every father is supposed to want to be with his son,” Blues superstar forward Vladimir Tarasenko said. “I’m happy for Patty because he had this opportunity. It’s his hometown. It’s like John Tavares coming back to his hometown, Toronto. I think it’s unbelievable to play in front of your whole family, friends and people you grew up with. I think it’s pretty special.” This story is like the bible quote, “Husbands

love your wives like Jesus loves the church and gave himself up for her” – Ephesians 5:25. This quote relates to this story because, he gave up the opportunity to have a more secure job, and more money so he could be with his wife and son.

Kaplan, Emily. “Inside Patrick Maroon’s Decision to Come Home This Season.” ESPN, ESPN Internet Ventures, 10 Oct. 2018, www.espn.com/nhl/story/_/id/24931004/nhl-patrick-maroon-decision-sign-st-louis-blues-betting-familial-ties.


Jesus Christ, 33, of Nazareth, died Friday on mount Calvary, betrayed by the apostle Judas, Jesus was crucified by the Romans. The cause of death was crucifixion, extreme exhaustion, severe torture, and loss of blood. Jesus Christ, a descendant of Abraham and member of the house of David. He was son of late joseph, who was a carpenter in Nazareth, and Mary, his devoted mother. Jesus was self-educated and spent most of his life teaching others. Jesus also worked as a medical doctor occasionally. It is reported that he healed many patients. Up until the time of his death, Jesus was teaching and sharing the good news, Healing the sick, feeding the hungry, and helping the poor. Jesus was well known for, telling parables about his father’s kingdom and preforming miracles. On the day before his death he held the last supper, at which he foretold his death. The body was quickly buried in a stone grave, which was donated by his loyal supporters. During his life he followed the principles of Gods teachings, helping those in need, not harming anyone, forgiving people of there sins, and dying on the cross for our sins.

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