Template assignment

The Unit 8 Assignment tasks you with consideration of methods to improve communication both as a sender and a receiver. One of the most important skills in either role is to understand the most effective modes of communication as well as the downfalls associated with each.

Using the material from Chapter 13 of the text, the below videos (Sanders, 2015 & Sanders, 2016) as well as your own independent research, you will choose and defend the most appropriate communication mode in a given situation from the assignment template.

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Template assignment
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Additional Video Content:

Assignment Checklist:

  • Review the assignment template to read each communication scenario.
  • Choose from the provided list the most appropriate mode to most effectively communication in each scenario.
  • Justify your choice of mode by explaining how it is most appropriate in this circumstance. Each communication mode explanation response should be a minimum of 100 words.
  • Utilize at least two external sources as part of your research. Sources might include your textbook, the additional video content, or another resource found in the university library.
  • Your submission should include a title page, the completed assignment template, and a reference list.

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