Television is the Best Invention Ever Essay


I.  Imagine the world without television

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Television is the Best Invention Ever Essay
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II.  Television the best invention ever

III.  In my personal opinion

IV.  Television is the best invention ever

Thesis Statement

Television provide people a good way of informative, entertainment, and educational.


I.  Television is an excellent way to maintain informed.

A.  People can be informed watching television.

1.  Television provides the easiest way to maintain informed because people only need to select the channel they want to see.

B.  Selecting a news channel keep us informed about, economy, politics, cultures, etc.

1.  When we want to have informed about what is happening in the world, we have an easy way to get it just select your favorite news channel.

Transition: Furthermore

II.  Television is a good way of entertainment.

A.  People are able to select what kind of entertainment want to see.

1.  We can select between a large quantities of channels that provide us different types of entertainment.

B.  Television has many option of entertainment as movies, novels, series etc

1.  Television has different types of movies, novels or series for all ages and preferences so people has the freedom to select their favorite way of entertainment program

Transition: In addition to

III.  Television is educational.

A.  If we are looking for educational programs this could be a good way.

1.  Television has an extensive list of educational channels that not only provide good information but also gives us a good way of entertainment.

B.  Television has a variety of channels that provides educational information.

1.  For example when is decided to select travel channel, history channel, discovery channel etc, people can also has an excellent way of educational entertainment.

Transition: For these reasons


I.  Television is the best invention ever

II.  Television can inform, entertain and educate people.

III.  That is a good reason to have a good television at home.

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