technology: is it helping or hurting?

The Final essay should include a thesis statement, clear position on chosen topic, acknowledgment of the opposing view, clear purpose and direction, and effective conclusion.
Revised essay should be error free and consistent in tone, point of view and verb tense.
Three reliable sources are required to support your position.
Reliable sources include Keiser Library, Google scholar, and others approved by your instructor.
1000 words (minimum) persuasive essay
Minimum of three credible academic sources with in-text citations
Microsoft word document in APA format including title page, reference page.
Submission to OWL is recommended
Please review attached document for the proper format for your papers.

Please note the following:

All papers must be Microsoft Word documents.
The paper has a running head that is the title of your paper in ALL CAPS. It is accompanied by a page number. Use your header function to create this line. Do not type it as text in the actual text area for your writing. (See your help function for information on creating headers and section breaks.)
The paper is double-spaced in Times New Roman, size 12, and has no extra spaces between the paragraphs.
The paper uses one-inch margins and half-inch indentions for the beginning of paragraphs. You can set this up in Microsoft Word to automatically default to these settings for your paper.
Paper should include title page, abstract and reference page.

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