Team Work: Team Effectiveness

There are various indicators for whether a team is working effectively together as a group.  The characteristics of effective, successful teams include:

  • Clear communication among all members.
  • Regular brainstorming session with all members participating.
  • Consensus among team members.
  • Problem solving by the group.
  • Commitment to the team goals and the other team members.
  • Regular team meetings are effective and inclusive.
  • Positive, supportive relationships among all team members.
  • Members trust each other

Teams that are not working effectively together will display the characteristics listed below.  The sooner the coach addresses issues and helps the team move to a more effective way of working together, the more likely the season is to end successfully.

  • Lack of communication among team members.
  • No clear roles and responsibilities for team members.
  • Lack of concern for training quality
  • Team members work alone, rarely sharing information and offering assistance. There is no trust.
  • Team members blame others for what goes wrong, no one accepts responsibility.
  • Team members do not support others on the team.
  • Team members are frequently absent.
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