Teaching Aids Useful in ELLTIntroductionTwenty first century depends upon globalization where everyone Essay

Teaching Aids Useful in ELLTIntroductionTwenty first century depends upon globalization where everyone tried his best to go ahead of his competitors resulted in whole globe become competitive world. Teachers nowadays skillfully use advanced teaching aids in their teaching. They create suitable platform for their students who eager to get success in this fast world, so they use different technologies for make them aware with the new world, which nowadays travel in vehicle called internet and its fuel is English, They use different teaching aids such as audio, visual and audio- visual aids available in class, nowadays these tools play vital role in Teaching Learning Process.

Teachers teaching English language with the help of various electronic machines which can show image and create sound known as audio visual aids.Teaching AidsTeaching aids are objects which useful in classroom. Teaching aids classified as follows -1) Visual Aids 2) Audio Aids 3) Audio – Visual Aids1) Visual AidsTeacher use teaching aids in which students can acquire knowledge of subject through their eyes or use their visual sense and where vision plays vital role is called Visual aids.

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Teaching Aids Useful in ELLTIntroductionTwenty first century depends upon globalization where everyone Essay
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For example :- objects, models, pictures, charts, maps, flash cards, flannel board, bulletin board, chalkboard, overhead projector, slides etc. Black and white board Black and white board is best example of visual teaching aids, teacher can encourage their students to come ahead and draw picture on board or write spellings of simple words from English. They can write points and sub points on board then explain in simple words such things make teaching interesting thus difficult lesson or a chapter become easy, Maps Teacher of Geography frequently use teaching aids called Maps, English language teacher also require these maps when they teach regional dialects in sociolinguistics or setting of play or novel from various parts of the world. Teacher can describe routes of holy places explain in literary work.Flannel boardFlannel board is board on which images displayed; teacher can use it for show picture related topic. It is important teaching aid for use this board teacher gives them hints of various topics on which they can create posters, thus they motivate their students to make posters, teachers through this activity can check their creativity and awake their imagination power.Pictures and models Teacher can show a picture or an ideal person as role model in his class and explain lesson. They can suggest different activities related models and images through which students can acquire knowledge of various subjects. Thus teachers use visual teaching aids like text books, flash cards, OHPs English teacher nowadays use language laboratory, language laboratory is the ideal platform for both teacher and students, Teacher can improve learners listening and speaking skills. Audio Aidsteaching aids which based on the sense of hearing are known as Audio aids. For example: – radio, tape recorder, gramophone etc.Radio Teacher can use Radio in class, Radio is audio teaching aids through which teachers can improve students listening skills. India’s famous All India Radio plays regular programs based on speeches of well-known leaders. It broadcasts programs like quiz, speeches and some moral story programs in English. India’s honorable Prime Minister Sir Narendra Modi Ji nowadays broadcasts program entitled Man Ki Bat deals with different kinds of talks on All India Radio, his goal is simple to reach his message to every corner of the country. Teacher can motivate their students to listen such programs on their radio set, these programs played on radio are useful for the students to acquire correct pronunciation and accent, it helpful for develop their listening skill. GramophoneGramophone is the audio teaching aids used in past, nowadays it is outdated or used rarely. Teacher can use it for recording of an ideal pronunciation and accent, Teacher can record student’s response or replay students recording in the class room. Thus they can clarity mistakes of learner with the help of Gramophone. teacher can use it for record motivational speeches of scholars, speakers, writers and poets, This recording might be replayed in the class through which students may inspired by them and its impact seen in the form of their interest develop to learn beautiful expressions from the great speakers how to learn English language Tape recorderTape recorder is another good audio teaching aid useful for teacher in his class. Tape recorder not only enriches students listening, speaking skills but also reading and writing. Tape recorder is useful for students who can’t attend class or take admissions in open universities such as IGNOU and YCMU. It is observed that tape recorders useful for learn basic skills of English language. Globalization brought revolution in education system in the form of Virtual class room, present days audio visual aids becomes prominent element of teaching in class. It is our moral duty to study audio visual aids3) Audio – Visual Aidsteaching aids which includes both vision as well as hearing senses are known as Audio- Visual aids. For example: – television, film projector, film strips etc. Television Language lab includes important Audio- Visual teaching aid called Television, It play various programs based on real scenes and situations which help for teacher to improve leaner’s listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, CD playerTeacher can use CD player as a teaching aid, it is audio visual electronic machine attach to television… It is useful for the students who live in rural or mountain areas these students can buy both CD player and TV in affordable rate which helpful for them to learn lessons easily without attending any class.Conclusion The use of audio visual aids in teaching and learning English language is a great step. Dawes is well known educationalist in year (2001) points out that new technologies have the potential to support education across the curriculum.Audio visual class rooms are alternative to the traditional class rooms in which a learner may focus on every minor to major aspects of concepts. However, the teachers are to be well trained in using multiple advanced technical teaching aids to make learning environment comfortable and amicable to reach the needs of the learner.

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