Teachers Tribute Essay

Please allow me to begin my spoken tribute to our teachers with these lines: “Teachers are God’s gift to students. Students are God’s gift to teachers. Teachers and students are God’s gift to mankind, and civilization.” Without teachers and students there will be no progress, no future to dream for. Teachers pass on knowledge to students and students pass on knowledge to students and so on. Today we celebrate Teachers Day. We pay tribute to our teachers who made civilization, who gave us knowledge of things we don’t know before, who transformed us to become more knowledgeable persons that we are now, who shaped and molded us to become better models of the future.

Our teachers are more than just educators. For they hold a noble profession. They play many roles in a student’s life — the role of a mentor, friend, advisor or councilor, and parent. They are the guiding force in our life even after we have passed the portals of the academe and stepped into the world of realities and challenges.

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Teachers Tribute Essay
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Our teachers are always there to hold the light that will guide us through our successes, and even our failures in life. Today, the students of IPSJ, would like to honor our beloved teachers for all that they have done for us. Our teachers were always there when we needed them.

They stood by us and gave a helping hand in our difficult times. They understood us and they never turned their back when we needed their guidance and understanding. Teachers, we will never forget your love and concern for us. In behalf of the Supreme Student Council and the CAT officers together with the COCC officers, we wish to honor you for all the wonderful things that you have done, truly you are God’s great gift to us students, next to our parents. You have given us knowledge that we now make use of as we travel through life’s complexities. We thank you for this knowledge because it made us stronger, more determined, and ready to accept and face life’s challenges. Finally, in behalf of all the students and parents of IPSJ, we wish to thank you dear teachers from the bottom of our hearts for your love, guidance, concern, understanding, patience, effort and dedication to your work, as great educators of IPSJ. May the almighty Allah shower you with great wisdom and more blessings in your life.

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