Teachers Carrying Guns Essay

Summary: This article is about our legislation considering the idea of allowing teachers to carry guns in a classroom. It tells us the cons about how it can affect anyone from students, teachers, and the school itself. The article also uses important people like Sheriffs, Governors, and Senators opinions on the topic to bring in the attention of other citizens. Most of the article covers the negatives and covers those against it. It is trying to tell us the dangers that could be brought upon the students if this were to go through as a law.

The opinions of those in a higher position ensure my trust in their decisions. Opinion: The amount of school shootings have increased rapidly within the past couple of years, we can never know when another one could strike. But the question is always how can we ensure the safety of the students, how we can prevent school shootings from happening, and what can we do to get the word out about gun control safety.

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Teachers Carrying Guns Essay
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This article is about people considering the fact that teachers should carry guns in the classroom. In my defense I absolutely disagree, having a gun in the classroom is probably the worst thing you can do. Where would the gun be stored? What if a student was curious and toyed around with it? What if they accidentally shot themselves or hurt another student. This idea should not even be explored or considered at all. There are so many bad things that could possibly go wrong with a teacher having a gun in the classroom. We never know what the teachers could do either, they could accidentally forget about locking it up, or mishandling it. Even if the teachers were allowed to carry a hand held gun, things could go wrong. What if a teacher does not know what to really expect when she encounters a shooter? Things will not ever sound as easy as they may seem, people make it seem like its safe just because you have a gun on you. That is not always the case, so we must look at other methods.

More cons about this consideration are how we would know if the teachers are well prepared for having a gun on them. The government will have to pay the expenses for the teachers to take classes for gun control safety, and they will have to train and even pass tests. On top of those things, teachers would have to be licensed, go through long processes and it would be so much of a hassle. It would also be necessary for them to have monthly or even weekly evaluations on their mental and physical health. Since any of those factors could harm a student. If normal people have to go through all these processes then it would only be fair for teachers to do the same.

It is obvious that it is not an easy thing to just make a law for teachers to be able to have guns in the classroom. So of course it would be a very long process before any of this could be a possible law. I think it will be too much work. I believe that instead of having teachers have guns, schools should just have cops and/or security guards. Cops are already paid to protect places like concerts, restaurants and malls. I do not see why it would hurt to protect schools, besides since they are trained and know how to handle guns it would be so easy for them to spot unusual behavior. With them being on the school or campus it is possible that school shootings can steadily decrease. Having cops or securities in or outside of school ensures that they take care of any attempt of violence even before it gets to the students.

I do not believe there are any pros to teachers having a gun in class at all. There are so many things that could go wrong. Having a gun brought into school is already a huge issue, so just because a teacher has one does not change anything. In the article they even state the fact that if they had guns, they would have to wear a vest, or even a helmet. Those things are over exaggerating and not necessary for a school environment. The only thing that will do is cause distractions to the students from learning.

Also, if teachers were to carry guns in class that will only make students and parents fearful from going to school knowing they will never be safe. If they were safe teachers would not have to go through the whole gun process. If anything it would cause a decrease in parents allowing their children to attend public schools. Therefore, that would possibly increase the number of parents’ homeschooling their children. At least that assures their children’s safety at home with them.

Gun control has been the biggest issue for this past couple of months because of shootings like the Sandy Hook which took more than 20 lives, and a recent one in our own hometown, Houston! With those incidents it has brought great media attention to everyone and our president. All that has led to strict gun control laws being talked about, like making sure people get background checks before they purchase them. I think that would help to an extent but not fully protect our citizens. Those laws will only go so far, because there will be loop holes, guns being bought off the black market and etc. Truth is we will never be safe, and the only way is to cautious, alert, and aware of our surroundings.

I truly hope that we will never have guns in the classroom whether it is for safety or other beneficial reasons. There will always be other options that can be safer and more agreeable among people in our country. We are slowly but surely trying to find more secure ways of keeping our children safe, and keep gun violence down.

The article mainly covers the cons of having teachers carry guns, so it is obvious that this law may not pass. Just having the thought of our legislation exploring idea is scary. A lot of people seem to be against the idea, law enforcements, professors, and many more important people. If it seems like a bad idea to them, it is mostly unlikely that something like having a gun in a classroom would happen. But we need to make sure we let the people out there aware of the negatives of it so they could understand and play a part of these decisions.

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