Tamanna AujlaMr ShoultsEnglish 301The Novice Essay Vision Essay

Tamanna Aujla

Mr. Shoults

English 30-1

“The Novice” Essay

Vision portrays the conviction of an ideal vision which regularly lead people to seek after ridiculous standards, these standards are frequently differentiated and contradicted by truth. The short story “The Novice” portrays the afflictions the protagonist experienced by getting captured in an idealistic perspective and slanting his view of the real world. In W.D. Valgardson’s short story “The Novice” it is demonstrated that when an individual has an idealistic view of a false reality it leads to having irrational thoughts.

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Tamanna AujlaMr ShoultsEnglish 301The Novice Essay Vision Essay
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As a result individuals realize the true perception of reality, ultimately leading to their downfall.

When your perception is altered to believe things that are impractical it leads to the individual focusing only on the unrealistic reality created in their mind. The mates love for the vessel caused him to block out the dangers that arose from the ship. The mate had such an emotional attachment to the boat that “a day never passed when he didn’t walk to the docks” and when winter was over he “lived on the boat”.

Since the mate had such a profound connection to the vessel he shut individuals out of his life and started to confine himself, with the mindset that it was simply him and “Sally Anne”. The mate would regularly keep up with the maintenance of the ship because she needed to be perfect at all times, even though there had already been so much wear and tear put on it, but he refused to accept that Sally Anne was damaged. It is evident throughout the story that this man truly only loved his boat and went to extreme measures for Sally Anne, he chose to pursue working on boats rather than going to school because “he had never done anything except work on the boats”. The mate devoted his whole life to the boat because he chose not to live the life of an average commoner because he did not finish school and pursue a steady paying job, instead he chose to pursue his own personal idealism. Another way he devoted his life to the boat was by choosing not to get married and have children as he felt that they would take away time from him and Sally Anne. To the mate “he had always felt its intricacy would protect it [Sally Anne]” which made him believe that his awe and wonder for the vessel was the sole thing keeping it running. It is obvious in the story that the mate is caught up in an idealistic mindset because he grows personal feelings toward the vessel and

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