Taliban vs Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Essay

Afghanistan is a mountainous land-locked country, which is one of the central Asian countries. In addition, it is an Islamic country that Islam religion has played a significant role in governing it. In Afghanistan Many governments had been changed in past several decades. For instance, the Kingdom of Amanullah Khan, the Kingdom of Mohammad Nadir Shah, Mohammad Zahir Shah, The Communist Regimes, the Islamic State of Afghanistan, Taliban Regime, Interim Government, Transitional Government, and the Islamic Republic Governments.

As most of us agree that the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan changed very much in contrast to passed governments, especially Taliban Regime.

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Taliban vs Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Essay
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This piece of writing concentrates on similarities and differences of Taliban Regime and the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. The similarities are fewer among the mentioned governments; however, the differences between them are several. First the similarities will be discussed; secondly the differences will be pointed. The first similarity between these two governments is that in Taliban Regime laws and regulations of Islam was implemented and maintained in according with Sharia’s laws.

It always tried to carry on the Islamic laws on people and disputes. There were three types of courts such as, Primary Court, Appealing Court, and Supreme Court. In a similar way, the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is also trying to implement Islamic rules and regulations. It is also seeking to help people by solving the disputes by carrying on the rules of Islam. For solving the cases and disputes, the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is structured three types of courts, for instance, Primary Court, Appealing Court, and Supreme Court.

Another likeness between Taliban Regime and the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is the centrality of government in Kabul. From the first invasion that Taliban did, they had the plan take the control over Kabul, after capturing the Kabul City, Taliban decided to establish their central government in Kabul City. For all of their time in government, their central government was located in Kabul. Similarly, the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, from the beginning of its government, the central government organizations are located in Kabul City.

The third similarity between those two mentioned governments is the patronage of some foreign countries of both governments, Taliban Regime and the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. When Taliban came to the power, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and reportedly United States of America were the strongest supporters of Taliban Regime. The first country that supported them was Pakistan. Pakistan always announced their support of Taliban Regime. Furthermore, it also provided the Taliban Regime an enormous amount of money and military equipments.

Likewise, the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is also supported by some countries, such as, USA, some European Countries, Japan, India, Turkey, and many others. They all give any kinds of support for the government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. The most obvious difference among these two governments is in education. For example, in Taliban Regime, there were no education facilities for females. Females were not allowed to attend schools and universities. They were all far from education.

Taliban’s thought was that if a girls or a woman go to school, they would learn not Islamic principles. In contrast, in the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, females are allowed to join schools, universities and other education centers to have education. Moreover, the government is also trying to provide opportunities for both males and females to get educated and even to complete their educations outside Afghanistan. The next very important difference between these two governments is entertainment. In Taliban Regime there was not any kind of entertainment for pleasure and enjoyments.

There was just one TV and one radio station by the name Islamic State TV and Radio Station that showed and played just all the fundamental issues of Islam. There were no music, movies, cinemas, and parties. Even in wedding and other parties if someone played music, he or she would be punished and sent prison. On the other hand, In the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, there are more than twenty TV channels and almost eighty radio stations that bring enjoyments and pleasure in people’s lives. People can have music in their weddings and parties.

They can play music, watch TVs, and listen to radios. Another distinction between these two mentioned governments was the governing system of each. For example, in Taliban Regime, the government was just over several provinces. They did not have control all over Afghanistan although they had a central government in Kabul. Their government was always in risk that one day it would be collapse. Some of the important offices were not run properly. There was not good management in ministries. Corruption was in most ministries, especially in courts.

Instead, the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan contains a good and proper governing system. It is trying to offer chances of development for its employees and offices. It has got line by line authority of command. It is a selective government. There is National Assembly of Afghanistan. Furthermore, members for National Assembly of Afghanistan are selected by people. There are appropriate procedures of doing something in government offices. The other difference between Taliban Regime and the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is that in Taliban Regime women were not allowed to get out of their houses lonely.

And they were not allowed to walk lonely in the markets and streets. If a woman found alone in anywhere in the city, one of her family member would be punished. Conversely, there is no one that people would afraid of them in the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan women are free to go anywhere like restaurants and markets. The economical perspective is another difference among Taliban Regime and the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. In most of the provinces of Afghanistan during the Taliban period were wars happening. Therefore, people lift their homes and went to other countries.

There were no farmers, no engineers, no doctors, overall no professionals that could help Afghanistan’s economy to develop. The government income was very less but the prices for goods were so high. No one invested in Afghanistan because being insure about the future of government. In contrast, in the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, countries are hardly trying to invest in Afghanistan’s infrastructures. The government by itself is seeking to provide job opportunities for Afghan people. Professionals who lifted Afghanistan in Taliban Regime are coming back to their country to bring new ideas of development.

In conclusion, it is now clear to most of us that Afghanistan had a very old history. Furthermore, the above facts show and indicate that Afghanistan passed a very difficult situation. The hardest situation that Afghanistan crossed through is the Taliban Regime. Although, some people are in support of Taliban Regime in past, but now some people are against them because of some difficulties in compare to this government, the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. Although there are some similarities between these two governments, but there are several differences between them.

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