T H Kariyawasam 0012 Management Essay



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T H Kariyawasam 0012 Management Essay
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? Management Functions





? Interrelation of functions


About Brandix Lanka Ltd

This was started in 1970 and itis established as Firoze Limited.After 2002 itis formed

as Brandix Lanka Ltd the brand-new name and recognition would become aone of the

branded apparel company in Sri Lankan garment sector. This is one of the respective

largest apparel business with an annual turnover of over US $ 500 million. This

company is providing employing opportunity for over 48000. This is supported by 42

manufacturing facilities located with Sri Lanka ,India and Bangladesh.

Mainly this

company provides apparel, casual wear, lingerie, t-shirts, textiles, buttons.










“To be THE inspired solution of branded clothing ”


Their mission is, to help people and organization do meaningful

business with one another,

efficiently & effectively, using most appropriate and suitable



Management functions

Management is very important part in every company. It is very

essential and needed to run all types of organizations.

A group of

people work together to achieve set of goal in efficiently and

effectively by using management functions. There are basically four

special functions in management process.

– Planning

– Organizing

– Leading

– Controlling



The planning is the first function of the management process that every

organization may be used. They create agoal and developing astrategic

method to accomplish that goal. Planning relates to aprocess of looking

into the future and expect what will happen in future. This goal should

include specific,measurable,attainable,realistic and timely.

The benefit of planning is to provide direction where the efforts should

be channelized to attain the desired results in the most efficient way.

Direction helps to conduct the organization by giving instructions as

what to do next.Most of time organization are using systematic

planning to manage resources and gain successful output at the end. So,

proper plan helps to focus both managers and employees to achieve

their objectives.

Planning process


The planning process of Brandix Lanka Ltd,

Their goal is to provide branded clothing for their customers. This

industry is always under constant pressure and competition. Textile

industry is likely to change every minute because of the new

technology, so they have to adjust their production due to changes to

satisfy customer expectation. Instance of this Brandix used to use

various production system and production planning to increase their


Production planning in apparel industry,

? Volume of production

? Nature of production process

? Nature of operation

Volume of production :

The quantity of production planning could be determined by the


Nature of production process :

The production should be specific, very casual informal and creative

by using skills and knowledge of individual persons. The Brandix is

using mass production.

Nature of operation :

They are using continuous manufacturing process.

Production planning system :

1. Product planning system -The development of product based on

market necessity. It includes fashion forecasting, customer research,

development of protocol etc.

2. Process planning system -The activities that are required to

accomplish expect demand.


Level of production planning :

Strategic planning:

Directing and making decisions on allocating it’sresources to follow

this strategy. Specifically,it is along run planning carried out at the

top management level and concentrate on product lines, divisions,

markets and other business units.

Tactical planning:

The decisions make by the middle level of management in an

organization. The decision making time period is between 6-18

months. It indicates the employment plans, quality plans, material

supply plans, expansion plans in the industry.

Operational planning:

The decisions make by the first level of management and they

involve decision making at day to day operations.



Organizing is the process of arranging people and other resources to work

together to accomplish agoal. The system of tasks, work flows, reporting

relationships, and communication channels that link together diverse

individuals and groups. Organizing use to create structures by divide up

the work, arrange resources and coordinate activities.

There are many structures that organizations use to accomplish their goal

effectively and efficiently.

Formal structure: This is describing reporting relationships and the

formal arrangement of work positions within an organization.

? The division of work.

? Supervisory relationships.

? Communication channels.

? Major sub units.

? Levels of management.

Different types of structures,

Functional structure:

People with same skills and performing similar tasks are grouped together

into formal work units.

Benefits of functional structures:

? Economies of scale.

? Task assignments consistent with expertise and training.

? High-quality technical problem solving,

? In-depth training and skill development.

? Clear career paths within functions.


Divisional structure:

Group together people who work on the same product or process, serve

similar customers, and/or are located in the same area or geographical


Use in complex organizations.

Benefits of divisional structures:

? More flexibility in responding to environmental changes.

? Better coordination.

? Clear points of responsibility.

? Skillfulness focused on specific customers, products, and


Matrix structure:

Combination of functional and divisional structures to gain advantages

and reduce disadvantages of each.

Benefits of matrix structures:

? Better cooperation across functions.

? Improved decision making.

? Better customer service.

? Better performance accountability.

? Improved strategic management.

The new development of organization structures,

1. Horizontal structure

2. Team structure

3. Network structure

Brandix uses matrix structure and new structures to accomplish their goals.


At brandix they believe their employees as lifeline of their organization. They believe

that their employees are inspired people. They empower and motivate their employees

to create new unique innovations both at work and personal lives. They always try to

provide an inclusive work environment for their employees. They aspire their

employees to become the best version of themselves. Brandix believe that learning is

acontinuous journey to become professionals in the business world. So they provide

training and development programs to sharpen the employees ’talents and skills.

? Best practice

They are treat their employees both men and women equally when paying

salaries,recruitment, selection,promotion training. They are maintaining

direct, honest and open relationship with their employees. They are using

highly safety management system to protect their employees.

? Talent development

All employees have access to learning and development tools. They

organize some leadership programs to develop their employee ’sskills.

Brandix college

The Brandix College of Clothing Technology (BCCT) has been offering

pioneering clothing technology courses since 1996, for school leavers and those

who like to involve to the clothing industry. They offer 100 special technical

courses that includes fabric technology to merchandise, advance pattern making,

production management to sewing machinery skills etc.



The process of inspiring others to work hard to complete important tasks.

Every organization try to work according to avision and leader conduct

their employees to accomplish their goal in an efficient and effective

manner. The leadership factors help to advice and guide the subordinates

to work according to the procedures and methods. Communication and

motivation are very important facts in leading process.

Nature of the leadership,

Power :make things happen the way you want.

Two sources of managerial power:

? Position power.

? Personal power.

The essence of leadership is follower-ship. Leader ’scan influence the

follower ’sbehaviour in many ways. Leaders can empower others.

Traits that are important for leadership success:

? Self-confidence

? Creativity

? Cognitive ability

? Business knowledge

? Motivation

? Flexibility

? Honesty and integrity

Leadership behaviour is very important for every company because their workers

follow their leaders.

Basic area of leadership behaviors:

? Concern for the task to be accomplished.

? Concern for the people doing the work.


? Mr Priyan Fernando is the current chairman in the Brandix.

? Mr Ashroff Omar is the group chief Executive officer and Mr Hasitha Fernando

is the finance director at Brandix.

? And there are four directors in the board of director in the brandix and they are

Mr Aslam Omar, Mr Feoz Omar, Mr Ajith Johnpillai and Mr Dave Ransinghe.

Brandix provide group wide leadership training to develop leadership bench strength

and strong.

? Employee engagement

Their orienting as an employer of choice among the most skilled and

qualified. Employee Councils function is the main channel of

communication between employees and management of Brandix. They

motivate their employees to face new challenges and make platform to

celebrate their achievement. In every year they organize Rasadiya

Mangalya award ceremony to give awards to their employees for their best



Brandix is using leadership styles to handle their workers.

Leadership styles:

1. Autocratic – Boss centered to leadership.

He/she centralized approach to making decisions.

He tells people what to do and expect them to follow.

There is high follow distance between the boss and other people.

It is an appropriate legitimate style of the leadership.

The benefit of this style is that employee work hard when the

leader is present.

2. Democratic – Group centered.

People tend to talk each other and gather feed back about the


This help to see the people stand on issue.

Give freedom to say anything.

Followers work hard without the leader present.

3. Laissez-faire -It means than “hand off ”.

Workers are highly motivated and highly educated experts.

Acts with a“do the best you can and don ’tbother me ”attitude.

Brandix most of time uses democratic and laissez-faire style.



Controlling is avery important function of management. Controlling checks mistakes

and tells us how to face for new challenges. The success of an organization is engage

with controlling. It is the last function of management process.Managers monitor and

adjust how efficiently and effectively an organization and its members are performing

the activities essential to achieve organizational goals.

Control Systems:

Formal, target-setting, monitoring, evaluation and feedback systems that provide

managers with information about whether the organization ’sstrategy and structure are

working efficiently and effectively.

Three types of control

? Feed-forward control -Anticipating problem before the occurs.

? Concurrent control -Manages problems as the occurs.

? Feed-back control -Manage the problem after they occurs.

The steps of controlling process:

1. Establish standards of performance, goal or targets against which performance is

to be evaluated measurement of actual performances.

2. Measure the actual performances.

3. Compare actual performance against chosen standards of performances.

4. Evaluate result and initiate corrective action if the standard is not being achieved.

Controlling at Brandix,

Brandix enables to use well control in documents. All documents should receive

approval before use. And also they are having good control in marketing function to

increase sale volume, market share and profits. Financial control also very

important for every company. This helps to owners to determine financial strength

of the company. Brandix is focus on human resources management when hiring,

training and recruiting the staff. Because employees ’skills are very important to

achieve organizational objectives. They also focus on quality control because it

helps to increase to attract more customers.




Principles of management lecture notes discussed in the class


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