Symbolic Interactionism

The questions below should each be answered in about one paragraph (a few sentences) of writing.

You are welcome to use the textbook attached in the details of this assignment when preparing your answers. You may NOT use outside sources of information such as Internet websites about sociology or books not assigned for the class. The writing in this assignment must be your own words–NO copy and paste from the textbook or any other sources!!

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Symbolic Interactionism
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Question to answer below:

1. Briefly summarize the sociological imagination in your own words. Provide one example of a current social problem and explain how the problem could be viewed as having both private (individual) and social (society) dimensions.

2. In your own words, briefly summarize the main idea of conflict theory. What is the main cause of social conflict according to this theory?

3. Symbolic interactionism suggests that meaning is not inherent in things themselves. Instead, social interaction determines what things mean (what they represent). Choose an example of an object that represents different things to different people and briefly describe the multiple meanings this object has. Tip: current events are a good source of examples. Thing about objects that are controversial because people believe they “stand for” or symbolize different things. To get more insights visit,

Symbolic Interactionism

4. Sociologists use a variety of research methods in their work. Briefly, describe the techniques of survey research and ethnography/participant observation. Using information from the textbook, identify two advantages and two disadvantages of each method.

5. Many kinds of sociological research rely on sampling. Briefly explain what a sample is. Based on the information provided in the article, Does N Equal 1? Random and Non Random Sampling, what is the main problem or limitation of research that relies on non-random sampling?

6. Based on Chapter 4 in the textbook and the video provided in Unit 4, briefly summarize Charles Cooley’s theory of the Looking-Glass Self. How was Cooley’s theory different from George Herbert Mead’s theory of the Mind, Self and Society (“the I and the Me”)?

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