SWOT ANALYSIS STRENGTHSThe association has demonstrated itself as Essay



The association has demonstrated itself as a leading company in Pakistan. Its manufacturer name “Engro” is perceived as a signal of quality, transparency and sustainability. It has satisfactory structures and approaches in area which uphold its core values of commitment to ethics & integrity; health, safety, & environment; innovation & danger taking; growing an enabling surroundings for its people; and constructing price for community & society. The organization and holding with compliance global and local security and satisfactory certifications such as British Safety Council (BSC), ISO 9001 and 14001, WWF Green Office Certifications amongst others.

Engro has effectively proven its lead in introducing improvements in the purchaser and monetary markets. The organization efficaciously launched two issues of Engro Rupiya Certificate to increase funds. Engro Foods launched Dairy Omung which is an cost-effective alternative to packaged milk. Engro’s Management is recognizes amongst the first-rate in the country. Through its successful execution of tasks – like the world’s greatest single educate urea plant; relocation of an EDC and VCM plant from Baton Rouge, USA to Port Qasim Pakistan; placing up of a 220MW power plant which was performed in a file 29 months, the shortest time to COD taken through IPPs of comparable measurement in Pakistan and the development of two food processing flowers over the path of our first 5 years of operation, the Company has developed its in house capability of undertaking execution and a robust working relationship with main global technology partners, constructions partners and economic partners.

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SWOT ANALYSIS STRENGTHSThe association has demonstrated itself as Essay
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In first year of its launch it acquired customer interest and also received them at ease with the aid of the exceptional and taste.


The enterprise has accomplished a very sturdy lookup regarding the customer and the product earlier than launching their product olpres executing the strong client and product lookup before and after launching the product. EFL has employed quite a number global lookup partners like AC Nielsen, Mindshare, JWT Asiatic and MARS advertising and marketing groups to advance its future portfolio.


Only Engro food confined has the 1/3 era UTH milk plant in the u . s . a . which makes use of bacto fuge science to put off genuinely the bacteria’s and ensuretop class satisfactory and health.


• Global difference of Engro

• Professional dairy series system

• Observance their quit standards high

• Concentric diversification

• Good market share of Engro innovative and chemical

• Nonspecific variety title of Olpers high-quality reputation of the companionship


Although Engro’s organizations are properly established in Pakistan, its presence in worldwide markets is limited. It is turning into extra and greater important for companies round the world to make bigger globally as the world opens up and new possibilities are created in emerging economies. Engro is, therefore, investing significantly in constructing its in-house capability to tap into global possibilities and to tackle global challenges. Its investment in Al-SAFA used to be driven through the need to gain fee introduced meals processing information recogonized the North American purchaser market.


Olwell advert which used to be primarily based on western liyestyle style did not longer healthy Pakistan’s religious values. They did no longer targeted about the ethics, spiritual beliefs and cultural values of Pakistan and their ad failed.


As tetra pack is the solely alternative on hand to Olpers because it is having monopoly in the packaging quarter in Pakistan. Which ought to price them high and it would possibly enlarge the production cost.


It additionally has a drawback that it has slender portfolio as compared to the other corporations like Nestle and Haleeb foods having a lots different dairy product line.


• High antagonism in rate aware segments of UHT market.

• Capacity is now not exploited up to the market.

• Not being able in satisfying demand of milk market.


Positive demographic changes like growing population, increasing urbanization and rising income tiers existing desirable increase possibly in Pakistan. Engro different business model and its presence in more than one ranges of the Agribusiness supply chain inclusive of fertilizer, commodities and foods provides it an possibility to create price in the course of the chain and create aggressive advantage. Also, there is developing energy demand provide gap in the country. Engro is actively engaged with the Government to advancethe thar coal mining assignment and to possibly Establish a new power plant based totally on Thar coal. Given the abundance of Thar coal reserves, the agency believes that this venture should lead the way towards fixing Pakistan’s electricity crisis.

Increase consumption of plm:

As there is an elevated consumption of PLM that might result in a chance for accelerated increase and additionally for the business enterprise due to the fact each competitor wishes to increase the milk penetration and also for the consumer through exclusive marketing.


As the literacy fee is growing the cognizance about fitness and hygiene issues might expended so via marketing. Engro may led to elevated processed milk consumption


Perhaps the biggest hazard going through the company, is the growing energy shortage which impacts our extraordinary agencies via direct gas curtailment, strength and shortage, round debt or rising variable costs.The agency has taken various steps to mitigate this danger most super one being securing a short and lengthy time period fuel supply answer with Government.


A threat of opposition is there for Engro foods as for there already exist opponents like Nestle, which are already in the eyed of the shoppers and gaining interest of shoppers putting off the competitors may be difficult for the organization due to the fact these manufacturers are there in the enterprise for lengthy time and also if any new enterprise enters into enterprise that would possibly also affect the company.

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